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Ora vivam

Era só para avisar aos interessados que a missão do mural de Aveiro já está completa. Sugiro que a façam a pé.

Bons hacks.
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Added photos to Mission Day Lisbon - Road Trip.
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With 90 minutes having passed since the announcement of the Recruiter badge, I would like to propose a community petition to remove the badge. There are various reasons, just look at any post in the ingress community today.

+John Hanke +Brandon Badger +Brian Rose +Bill Kilday +Joe Philley +Ethan Lepouttre 
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I actually like it...
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The longest 76 hours – Operation Hiddenite
First and foremost this sitrep comes a little late, but the +Niantic Project   should really fund more investigation on the effects of long exposure to Helios Shards as it seems that a prolonged exposure will seriously damage your social life and will force you to spend the days after repairing all that while trying to get back to a normal sleeping schedule.
There are also reports of agents describing hanging out in the beach as “time-consuming hard work”.
It was a pretty calm day in the northern Portugal Enlightened community, not much was happening, plans were being drawn to create some massive fields to counter an unexpected Resistance point surge in the cell and that was pretty much it.
And then Artifact #15 spawned in Sintra...
In that moment several hangouts started coming to life, lots of messages started landing on everyone’s phones and agents suddenly found themselves added to a whole bunch of new hangouts. Artifact #15 was in Portugal! Lisbon Resistance agents managed to secure it early in the day and quickly sent it to Porto Santo, it seemed the northern Portugal Enlightened agents would have no time to play with the artifact.
But then Resistance agents made a mistake and jumped it to La Guardia in Spain in what seemed like a preparation for a transatlantic jump to Canada, northern agents would still have their chance!
Immediately after the jump to La Guardia was reported an available Agent from Viana do Castelo area jumped into action and quickly deployed to La Guardia in Spain. In there he fought bravely for 5 hours against four Resistance agents that tried and tried to jump it but never managed to, he only left La Guardia after Galician agents relived him. After that defense was secured by those Galician agents while an extraction plan was devised.
About four hours later both Resistance and Enlightened Galician agents were still in an attrition war trying to secure the Artifact and still no extraction was available, with the anomaly near agents in other EU countries were not confident to take charge of it. After some time the attrition war took its toll in the Galician agents and they needed relief, the only available agents where in Portugal and they quickly took off on the two hour trip there, the agents where carrying much needed xmp, power cubes, food, drinks and most important of all fully charged power banks.
While en-route there one reality became clear, with the AM hours rolling in and agents going to sleep no European country was going to receive the Artifact that night, the only option was to send it back some time zones across the Atlantic Ocean, but that meant sending it dangerously close to the Resistance target and that option was Vetoed. A plan was needed to park the artifact for the night, and a plan was what agents came up with, the shard would rest in the native village of the agent who initially responded to La Guardia. The en-route agents detoured and went there in order to prepare the portal, clear links and get the needed keys.
After the prep was done and they reached the Galician agents the relief items where shared around and everyone had a nice chat while waiting for the jump window, when the jump window came the artifact was easily jumped to Neves in Northern Portugal since the Resistance agents had given up on the attrition war.
And then the sleepless nights began...
Immediately after the artifact jumped phone calls were placed waking up the agent who had initially gone to Spain and who now lived close by to the Portal where the artifact had just landed. The agent immediately got down on the field and set up an intricate mesh of defensive links that bunkered the artifact for the remainder of the night; in the meanwhile the team in Galicia dispersed and drove home reflecting on what to do next while enjoying the sunrise over the highway.
From that point on the Deltas moved in! The deltas are a group of agents mostly from Northern Portugal that play together and act on a central coordination commanded by all. This allowed them to be vital on Artifact defense duties providing over the clock defense always having at least one agent babysitting the artifact, in fact what happened was that most everyone was always available for the 48 hours that followed. And this proved to be the point that turned things in favor of the Enlightened in this battle, twice in those two days did the Resistance mount severe attacks on the shard and twice they got repelled, once even having Galician Resistance agents that came on purpose and for a short timed visit a player that no one even saw or ever heard about. The first attack came on the day that followed; agents were alerted by attacks on the outer layers of the defensive link mesh and immediately started to place new already planned links. This strategy was devised to ensure any attackers would have to spread very thin in order to break all the blocking links, and since Intel suggested the Galician agents were sharing the Portuguese agents internet connections we knew that would not be possible with the available attack force.
Soon after the defense strategy proved sound and the Resistance agents made an attack on the shard even though it was completely blocked. What followed next was a battle for control of the Artifact, the portal changed hands several times until eventually the Resistance agents gave up and left. During all this time Enlightened agents stood on full alert and kept the defense up as it was not clear if the Resistance agents had more agents on stand-by waiting to try and clear a path. After the battle winded down and the all clear was sounded the defensive mesh was rebuilt and sentry schedules handed out, it was time to babysit the Artifact for another night…
The second attack came in the late afternoon of the second day, this time it was the Porto area Resistance agents making a push of their own; they made it straight to the portal holding the artifact with no attacks on the outlying defensive mesh and caught the Enlightened agents by surprise. But the Enlightened were prepared, the agent that was on-duty at the time quickly started deployments not letting the Resistance agents capture the portal and immediately called for backup, soon after there were several more Enlightened agents on the field and on stand-by around in case the defensive mesh got attacked. After that the battle upped a notch and became violent, Resistance agents really wanted to capture that portal and it changed hands several times again, at some point an appeal for further backup was made and agents from nearby (and some not so near) cities came to their aid (some came from so far away that only arrived after the battle had ended and did little more than hack the portals, have a few beers and head back home), eventually the Resistance agents capitulated and left the battle. Enlightened agents had once again stood their ground bravely and managed to keep control of the Artifact.
During all this time there was an active search for an exit plan, and many plans were devised and presented but the main problem remained... with the anomaly so close at hand no Coordinators could spare the agents and resources needed to dispatch cleanup and babysit teams for the artifact…
At this time agents were pretty worn and the numbers available started to dwindle... fortunately the same was happening to the Resistance agents. Then since there was still the lack of a viable extraction option a decision had to be made or all this effort would have been little more than a pyrrhic victory…
The Deltas and some other agents had had a barbecue planned for quite some time now on that Saturday so, and since all but a couple agents involved in the battle would be there, the artifact would need to be moved somewhere else... the choice was obvious and preparations to move the artifact the night before started being made (obviously the location chosen for the barbecue had portals at hand). After some defensive link cleaning (and an ungodly amount of ADA’s spent) the artifact was moved and three agents stood guard all night until barbecue time. At this point Resistance agents were utterly beaten and tried moved the battle to g+ instead of the field.
During this day an opportunity rose, agents in Galicia had some keys that happen to link to a portal that was already linked to France, an optimal exit strategy. So during the BBQ everything was coordinated with agents in Galicia to break blocking links and place defensive blockers in order to jump the artifact to northern Galicia and then 1hour later to France. After some stressful delays due to field problems all links were cleared and the jump plan succeeded. Ending the 76 hours ordeal of the Enlightened in Northern Portugal and Galicia...

#sitrep #ingress #OperationHiddenite  

Agents involved:
paq                     +Paulo Maciel  Coordination/Field Agent/Intel
n1sK                                                   Coordination/Field Agent/intel
nepan                +Patrick Sousa   Field Agent
Raspunsen      +Isidro Magalhães  Field Agent
XNXS                 +Alexandra Santos  Field Agent
Rubrica              +Sérgio Cunha  Field Agent
Mujons              +André Duarte  Field Agent
LMDANTAS      +Luís Dantas  Field Agent
Beloso               +Tiago Veloso  Field Agent/Intel
ZeDaPura         +Cristiano Castro  Field Agent
MrViper99         +MrViper Paulo  Field Agent
Nunocunha      +Nuno Cunha  Field Agent
Layla                  +Helena Henriques  Field Agent
Calmlikabomb +Rodolfo Moreira  Field Agent
Snoopywoodstock +Telma Veloso  Field Agent
spidermax            +zidane zinedine  Field Agent
Lawliet                    +Hélder Ribeiro  Intel

Galicia Team:
Ahr0uN +EroX AhrouN  Coordination/Field Agent/Intel
drober +Roberto Salgado  Field Agent
pirotess +Jacobo Diaz Rocha  Field Agent
H9JWB3K +roberto h garcia  Field Agent
Loira88 +Loira Loiriña  Field Agent
xamuma000 +Xavi Muñiz Maciñeiras   Field Agent
gaukuplax +Gau Kuplax  Field Agent
ingles55 +Juan carlos Rey gomez  Field Agent
danielaff +Daniel Dominguez  Field Agent
zjoniz +Jonatan Carballido  Field Agent
oxygen +Fidel Lorenzo  Field Agent
xonxo +Anton Cobres  Field Agent
petroglifo +Benigno Gonzalez  Field Agent
yackoff +Julio Anta  Field Agent
lolecha +Loly Rodríguez  Field Agent
cacike +Marcos Luaces  Intel
djkaos28 +Oscar Castro  Field Agent
SaintAndrews +Juan Carlos Vila Sarandeses  Field Agent
BlckCat +Leticia Vázquez  Field Agent
Itachier +Jorge J. Romero  Field agent

+Anne Beuttenmüller +Matilde Tusberti +Joe Philley +Brian Rose +Brandon Badger 
Operation Hiddenite
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