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Tia Hain

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Tia Hain

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Wordfence is an awesome WordPress plugin. Everyone should have it. If you have a WordPress blog.
Don't Let Someone Steal Your Blog! Tips, a great plugin and cautionary tales. Very important if you have your own blog. Click thru to read.
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Tia Hain

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If you have egg allergies, as well as having to be gluten free, here's a meatloaf recipe for you.
This GREAT tasting eggless, gluten free meatloaf makes a wonderful dinner. Especially if you have to avoid eggs and gluten.
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Tia Hain

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Are you looking to get more eyes on your blog? Have you looked at Pinterest? Perfect place for nay food blogger to showcase their recipes. But you have to know how!
How to Optimize Your Food Blog for Pinterest. This is the first of 3 parts because it would just be way too much in one post.
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Tia Hain

Recipes  - 
Amazing Kale Salad Recipe with BACON, Walnuts and Avocados is so easy and really  delicious. A great side dish to any dinner. Of perfect on its own.  CLICK THRU for the recipe! #glutenfree  
Make this amazing Kale Salad Recipe with BACON, Walnuts and Avocado. So easy and really delicious. A great side dish to any dinner. Of perfect on its own.
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Tia Hain

Recipes  - 
Chocolate Chocolate Chip Mint Cookies #glutenfree   #vegan  
Awesome tasting Chocolate Chocolate Chip Mint Cookies are gluten free and vegan. And they are so easy to make. Great way to satisfy chocolate cravings.
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Tia Hain

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Did you start your WordPress blog using the name "admin" and realize later that it was a bad idea? (It is, by the way.) Since WordPress won't let you just change a username, here is how you can get around that and change it. It takes a bit of work, but it is well worth it.
WordPress won’t let you just change your username. There is a way around it. Takes a little work but worth it if it will save your blog in the long run.
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Tia Hain

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Easy, Quick Dinner Recipe. #glutenfree  
What I like about this easy quick dinner is that it is so quick and can be done almost completely in one pot. Almost. But it also feels so fancy.
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Tia Hain

Guten-Free  - 
Breakfast Muffins to get your day going. #glutenfree   #vegan  
These Apple Walnut Breakfast Muffins are a great take-along meal and/or snack. An easy, gluten free and vegan recipe. Make a bunch an freeze them.
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Tia Hain

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Kind of blown away by the negative comments. Seems quite a few people didn't listen to everything you said in the first video. I thought the whole concept of getting the first year free was obvious.

And why are so many people feeling entitled to YOUR hard work and efforts. You are doing all of the work. You make a product. Currently, you are giving that product away for free. (A wonderful product it is.) You have every right to give it away, charge $3/month or charge a million. Whether people will pay and/or use that product for that price is another matter. And up to them. 

Anyway, I signed up to support you and your efforts, first and foremost. I think it is worth it. And also to check out the channel. If I am enjoying Vessel at the end of a year, I will pay the $3. Pretty simple idea.

Thank you for your videos. My husband, kids and I all enjoy them. 

Tia Hain

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Super easy enchilada casserole is going to become your new family favorite. Naturally gluten free and really tasty. #glutenfree  
Enchilada casserole is a super easy casserole recipe that your whole family will love. Gluten free with dairy free option.
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Tia Hain

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Chocolate Chocolate Chip Mint Cookies #vegan   #glutenfree   #veganrecipe   #glutenfreerecipes  
Awesome tasting Chocolate Chocolate Chip Mint Cookies are gluten free and vegan. And they are so easy to make. Great way to satisfy chocolate cravings.
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Part owner of Tia's Kitchen and Glügle Gluten-Free. Part owner of Buildability - Plan. Create. Build. Together! Also own Max and Mum Kids' Activities.
Final Cut Pro X, iMovie, Photoshop, InDesign, Windows Movie Maker, Wordpress, Drupal, Windows XP and 7, Mac OS Lion, Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Forklift Operation, Airplane Marshalling
  • Tia's Kitchen
    Recipe Creator/Photographer/Food Stylist, 2014 - present
    Tasty, easy to make recipes that just happen to be allergy friendly. A place to go for allergy safe, easy to make and super yummy recipes. Food should taste good. Enjoy your food again.
  • Glügle Gluten-Free
    Owner/Food Lover, 2008 - present
    Living better, easily!™ A website for those living with or learning to live with Celiac Disease/gluten intolerance. Life is for living.
  • NetMost Web Technologies
    Owner, 2009 - present
    *Create, curate and manage content for blogs/websites *Transform media for content use with Photoshop, InDesign, iMovie and Windows Movie Maker *Manage content with Wordpress and Drupal *Design and market content/websites for SEO (search engine optimization) *Develop, implement and promote several social media profiles for online marketing *Develop and promote videos for marketing on Youtube
  • Buildability
    Owner/Builder, 2014 - 2014
    Teacher/Builder at Buildability. We help kids plan, create and build together. They learn to make/build stuff with legos and other materials to help promote STEAM. Kids learn to plan, build and work in a team.
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One owner of Tia's Kitchen, Glülge Gluten-Free and Max and Mum Kids' Activities - Lover of Fun, Family & Food. (Not necessarily in that order.)
I'm Tia. Wife. Mom. Lover of hockey(watching), curling(playing), kids activities(making videos for) and food(eating and creating gluten-free recipes). Reach me at Tia's Kitchen, Glugle Gluten-FreeNetMost Web TechnologiesMax and Mum Kids' Activities.
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I am a distant cousin of Mark Twain, yet I have never finished any of the novels I have started to write.
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Chocolate Chocolate Chunk Zucchini Muffins

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Showed up on time and did a great, quick job loading our truck.
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Since we have moved a bit in the last couple of years, this is the 3rd school our almost 4 year old has attended. Not surprisingly, he takes quite a while to warm up in new situations. The teachers and staff have been so supportive and helping for him entering Harmony. It has been so wonderful to watch him open up and make friends over the last couple of months. So much so that when I volunteer once a week for playground time, he now completely ignores me. Couldn't care less that I was there. It is HIS place to be, now. It is so wonderful to watch. In addition, I get to see how the teachers and staff interact with the kids during school time. I am so impressed with their patience and understanding with the children. Over just a few months, I have watch so many children grow in such amazing ways with the guidance of the teachers and staff. We drive quite a ways to have our son attend here, but it is so worth it. So many times he surprises us with a new song or skill he has learned at school. He will put away his toys on his own before moving to a new task (most of the time). Started helping us put the dishes away, etc. Also, the parents come together a lot to make it a great community. They are proactive in reaching out to "new" parents and families, as well as finding ways for all to gather and get to know each other. Overall, I just don't think I can recommend Harmony Montessori enough.
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