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Watch the first episode of Tiësto's new series "In The Booth"!
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i thought_ that this video would be like that- nothing newˇ ˇ=(
i think this will be cool
Ultra Music Festival & AERIAL7 DJ Competition
This mix includes tracks from - Knife Party, Zedd, Fedde le Grand, Avicii, David Guetta, Porter Robinson, and Dirty South!
Miami Music Week 2012!!! LETS LIVE A DREAM TOGETHER!!!
Black January in Azerbaijan Over the night from 19 to 20-th January, 1990
without preliminary declaration the Central Soviet
Authorities perpetrated an atrocious crime
against the people of Azerbaijan. On 20-th
January 1990 twenty six special Soviet troops
invaded the capital of Azerbaijan Baku, in a desperate, brutal and yet futile attempt to
strangle the growing independence movement
and to prevent the fall of the Soviet Communist
regime in Azerbaijan as well as to punish
ordinary people that rallied on the streets to
voice their legitimate protest against violations of the territorial integrity of the homeland. The invasion was launched at midnight and
committed with ferocity and no mercy for
children, women and elderly. The "Human Rights
Watch" reported that "among the most heinous
violations of human rights during the Baku
incursion were the numerous attacks on medical personnel, ambulances and even hospitals". As a
result, more than 130 civilians were killed and
700 wounded, hundreds of people were arrested
and subjected to various forms of physical
pressure. Among the victims were a seven year-old boy,
sixteen year-old girl, an eighty year-old man, a
young doctor shot in ambulance while helping
another victim, and many other innocent
civilians, whom the Soviet Politburo, in a
desperate attempt to conceal its crime, cynically called "hooligans, extremists and terrorists".
Hundreds of other civilians have been detained,
harassed and tortured by the Soviet army in the
days and weeks that followed. This massacre
entered the history of Azerbaijan as the Black
genioo!......... desde argentina!
sin dudas ,EL MEJOR¡¡¡ perdon a los demas dj.
U are Number 1........ Well I will admit you are the Best........Hugs Tight
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