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Developing connections for growth
Developing connections for growth

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Love him or hate him, Clinton was arguably the best networker at the White House.

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There’s one thing master #networkers never bring to events. What is it? A buddy. Networking pros fly solo

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Small talk is a tool that should be used to uncover some common links and thereby making it much easier to build a relationship, it is an art and like any art some people are more practised in this than others but whatever your skills, this can be developed further through practice and have the art of meaningful conversation become a good habit.

Prepare before you arrive or take a few minutes to review in your mind a few topics that you enjoy, this will help you feel more confident. Start the small talk and channel your natural curiosity and take a genuine interest in the other person, remember that you are looking for stories, not answers.

With a new introduction or connections start by finding something that you both have in common, that is something that the person you are speaking with will remember you by and something that you will be able to remember them for. Success comes from building real relationships and having meaningful conversations.

So when someone asks you what you do for a living, don’t simply say you’re a ……, liven up the conversation by adding a few details about something you accomplished that week or perhaps tell them how you’ve been able to help someone this week. Tell them a story, after all, we’re all social animals, we need and ‘thrive’ on human interaction.

As entrepreneurs, making good quality business connections is essential for business growth, and as opportunities come at any time, we need to be like boy scouts and be prepared, so don’t bother with gathering business cards, success comes from building real relationships and having meaningful conversations.

Lorna Burroughes
Thrive - developing your connections for growth

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What is your real motive when you go to any networking event? You arrived with a purpose – one reason might be to meet more than one person, use this as a prompt or reason for moving on, don’t lose out on opportunities to form new ties.

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More great branding from @sjendesign

Designed the 3 B's... Branding, Business Card and Brochure for another 'Thrive' member, Maynard Training and Consultancy. It was so nice to work with Sandra, she sent me this lovely email..."Hi Steve,
Thank you so much, for all your hard work. The brochures are brilliant and the cards perfect." @sjendesign

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These are so worth sharing

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Images from Thrive Christmas Party 2015 at Norwich Cathedral

Not judging right and wrong but encouraging dialogue and problem solving with @commonsensesvc
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