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WIN A $500 BAR TAB FROM +Thrillist WITH +Schemer!

For the last few months, we’d been working with the private Schemer beta to bring you great things to do no matter when or where you are. It went great, and last week, Schemer opened their doors to everyone.

To celebrate, we're giving away a $500 tab at 3 of our Most Schemed locations/favorite bars in NY, SF, and Chicago!

How do you win that $500?

1. Add Thrillist to your Schemer Circles here:

2. Share any of these 3 schemes on G+ and Twitter with the hashtag #ThrillistScheme

NY: Whiskey Brooklyn (
SF: Wilson and Wilson (
CHI: Gilt Bar (

3. Make sure you're 21+!

We'll be posting new schemes frequently, so stay tuned! And if you aren't already subscribed to Thrillist in your city, join now to and get the best of what your city is hiding:
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