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bookish, political, interesting, alternative, international, history, culture, music, magazine
bookish, political, interesting, alternative, international, history, culture, music, magazine
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He [Farage] has argued, notoriously, that ‘any normal and fair-minded person would have a perfect right to feel concerned if a group of Romanian people suddenly moved in next door.’ Leaving ‘normality’ and ‘fair-mindedness’ aside, his use of the term ‘sudden’ here is surely revealing. It’s as if Romanians don’t move into a property quite the way other people do. You can shut the windows and lock the doors against them, but ‘suddenly’ there the Romanians are, three or four of them, with the same hungry look, floating eerily towards you. Foreign nationals with HIV should also, according to Mr Farage, not be allowed to settle in the UK. So it’s something to do with blood as well. And Romanians in particular are singled out as a drain on the nation’s… resources.

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Best selling novelist Kate Mosse talks to TMO about Gothic fiction, adventure fiction, and why now is such a good moment to be a writer. In the lengthy interview she also talks about how she found her own writing style

"It was only when I understood that the person you are as a reader, and the person you are as a writer might coincide, but actually they might be different, that I resolved this. In my case the things that I actually love about reading, which are pace and character, and plot and storytelling, matter more to me than what I admire about reading. "

#adventure   #historicalfiction   #labyrinth   #sepulchre   #citadel   #authorinterview   #publishing  +Women's Prize for Fiction 

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Hope this is of interest to the community. We're featuring new artists / bands alongside our regular music interviews. To get your music featured, all you need to do is submit it for review. It's free.

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We're looking to feature new singer songwriters in our music section. If you'd like to feature in the magazine, alongside interviews with established artists, you can submit here (
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Interesting interview with Michael Hardt - the co-author, with Antonio Negri, of Empire.
#history   #activism  

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Great interview with Canadian rockers +arkellsofficial. who talk to us about songwriting, spotify, and political songs:
"I generally like political music that has subtlety. The Clash are very political but they don’t often hit you over the head."

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If you think Save the Children were wrong to give Tony Blair an award (and more than 200 of their own staff are outraged by it, then sign the petition and let them know.

Fantastic interview session from the BBC, with the Manic Street Preachers revisiting their dark brooding classic - The Holy Bible

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“Here, perhaps the frightful expression ‘consumption of music’ really does apply after all. For perhaps this continuous tinkle, regardless of whether anyone wants to hear it or not…will lead to a state where all music has been consumed, worn out. In [Wilhelm] Busch’s time, music was still often (at least, not always!) ‘found disturbing’, but some day it may no longer disturb; people will be as hardened to this noise as any other.”

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Collection of 50 writers talking about Joyce, including #robertobolano   #philiproth   #tonimorisson  and #joycecaroloates  

For example:
Roberto Bolaño
"“The Ulysses of James Joyce,is contained The Waste Land of Eliot, and Ulysses is better than The Waste Land”"

#literature   #quotes   #irishwriter  
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