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The Handmaid's Tale - Hulu Releases Chilling Trailer @handmaidsonhulu

I’ve always been a fan of dystopian fiction. Children of Men, The Passage, The Physician’s Tale, some of my favorites (if you haven’t heard of some of those, look them up!). Many years ago, I read Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, and it made a very…

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Review: The @ExpanseSyfy: Miller finds unlikely 'Home' in Ep. 205 #theexpanse

Just a man, his nuclear device and the great unknown of an alien protomolecule awaiting his eventual arrival. For Joe Miller, Episode 205 of “The Expanse” certainly offered definition to the phrase, “What a long strange trip it’s been.” “Home” is the…

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Tamashii Nations & Bluefin Expand In North American Market #Collectables

TAMASHII NATIONS AND BLUEFIN EXPAND THE MARKET FOR HIGH QUALITY JAPANESE COLLECTIBLES ACROSS NORTH AMERICA Premium Japanese Collectibles Brand Marks 10th Anniversary Expanding North American Presence In 2017 With New L.A. Office And Exclusive New Products…

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Sword Art Online Highly-Anticipated Feature Hits U.S. Theaters #SAO

Sword Art Online Hits Cinemas With a Special One-Night Event From the Mega-Hit Light Novel/TV Anime Series Sword Art Online’s Highly Anticipated Feature Comes to U.S. Movie Theaters on March 9, 2017, From ELEVEN ARTS, Aniplex of America Inc. and Fathom…

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Canadian Theatrical Dates for 'Sailor Moon R The Movie' Announced #SailorMoonR

First Feature Film Of The Legendary Anime Series Opens In Major Canadian Cities – Fans Invited To Attend (Press Release) VIZ Media and Los Angeles based film distribution company, ELEVEN ARTS, have announced the theatrical premiere of SAILOR MOON R: THE…

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The Walking Dead Review Ep 710 'New Best Friends' @WalkingDead_AMC @TheSethGilliam #TWDFamily #WalkingDead

This second half of The Walking Dead, season 7, is going splendid! Episode 710, ‘New Best Friends‘ aired on Sunday night and it was a great episode all around. We, along with our beloved group, are on the road to all out war, and I am so excited! Are you?…

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King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword Trailer #Movie #ArthurLegend

Guy Ritchie has decided to take on another re-telling of the classic tale with King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword. It is a new take on the story that we have not seen before, so we are interested in seeing it. Plus Guy Richie produced two of my favorite…

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Help Bring the 12 Monkeys Writers to DragonCon #12MonkeysDragonCon @DragonCon @TerryMatalas

Whether you’re a monkey, hyena, or any other kind of time travel enthusiast, the fine folks running DragonCon need YOUR help! They would love to host a panel filled with the talented people from the 12 Monkeys Writers Room and they need some support to…

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Review: @ColonyUSA Ep. 205 and 206 - My Boyfriend's Back!

…and there’s gonna be trouble! Heya, heya, my boyfriend’s back! The Resistance is back – but not everything that looks like resistance may be genuine, I think. I’ll give you a quick update on where we are at this point – I apologize for not getting a…

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Review: @ExpanseSyfy 'Godspeed' indeed for Ep. 204 #theexpanse

Detective Joe Miller is a tired, cynical man who seemed to finally find his purpose during episode 204 of “The Expanse” Wednesday night. In “Godspeed,” it looked for all the world as though Miller was going to get to go out in a blaze of selfless glory to…
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