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Creating A Fuss using digital
Creating A Fuss using digital


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10 super tips for using your reports to drive action with Google Analytics.

The tips come from Google's own +Daniel Waisberg and you can checkout more tips at and

10 Google Analytics Tips:

1) Monitor error pages with an alert
2) Analyze conversion rates for devices
3) Identify usability issues
4) See your audience demographics
5) Analyze your conversion funnel
6) Use the mobile app for your content strategy
7) Measure social interactions on your website
8) Compare date ranges
9) Manage user permissions
10) Exclude internal traffic from reports

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I need to go to another metal show. In fact I need to go to a live band show in general. It's been too long.
Blog | Event Review | Outbreak Fest IV

"I felt like I needed to attend a metal show, it had been a while so why not, and so I did"

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+ This.
Need four more followers for a vanity URL.
Go + my Page for the Fuss.

I need 4 more +'s to create a vanity URL.

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Wrote some honest things about +Oppikoppi 
Blog | Oppikoppi Review | Music First. Dust and Democrazy.

"I say review, but this is merely an honest personal account of my Oppikoppi experience. I say honest cause not every single thing was awesome at Oppikoppi as most reviews you’ve probably read have made it out to be."

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88% for my Google Adwords Fundamentals exam.

The Digital savant in me just got his wings.

Thank you +Bryan Casson 

#digital   #digify  

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Blog | Mix + Interview | Sound Gallery with Phosphene

"It was just one of those buzzwords floating around Tumblr that caught my attention. I like the idea of a concept that people can see but not fully understand. The project I was in before now had the word “phosphene” in it, but once that came to an end I used the moniker for my solo work."

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