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Had to think of the cartoon on when I heard that #Fedora 18 will be called "Spherical Cow" (

I tend to think that name is nearly as bad as "Beefy Miracle" (the codename Fedora 17 has). And I think the link between the two (¹) is nearly as dubious as the one between F16 and F17 :-/

I got the feeling the codenames for Fedora(²) (and RHL) that were selected by some Red Hat engineers internally tended to be better more often than those that got selected by Fedora contributors in a vote. I wonder if Fedora should get (back?) to a model where a few experienced and a few new contributors (those that do a lot of work) get to suggest names (with input from the community) and decide the final one when legal gave their blessing to a few. Sure, that is not a democratic way, but hey, there is a reasons why meritocratic is used in so many open source projects.

BTW, found it interesting how Intel works out names:

(¹) from
> A beefy miracle is something that has never been observed and so is a
> spherical cow. (Actually, what exactly is the difference between a beefy
> miracle and an "ordinary" miracle?)"

Click to see the pic
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well, it's RH legal who chose the final candidates. The community proposed good codenames.
+Florian Haas actually it is afaics: Community suggests names, Fedora Board picks a few, RH legal reviews then and then those that remain get up for a vote where Fedora contributors are allowed to vote
+Thorsten Leemhuis You're not actually saying that legal vetting a committee selection by an overseeing board is any less doomish, are you?
Legal has to be involved somewhere afaics, even if it's just a codename; lawyers are not cheap, which would make it very expensive to let check all suggestions. So without narrowing down the list to something manageable for RH legal it's afaics not worth the trouble/costs

But as I said: I'm not to familiar with how the process works exactly, so discussing the matter further without checking the details first does not make much sense. In case you look for details start here:
+Florian Haas Red Hat Legal dies not pick names. After the community suggests names we have a 2 step filter process:
Step 1: Board checks if the "Foo is a ... and so is bar" relationship is ok and if there are any immediate clashes with other projects, Linux distros or companies. Usually we just google for "foo + linux" or "foo + computer".
Step 2: Remaining candidates are checked by RH Legal for trademark violations to make sure we don't get sued later. They are not checking for taste or something, otherwise we would have had way better suggestions.
+Thorsten Leemhuis IHMO Beefy Miracle is a good name as it has a long tradition in Fedora and RHL for ages. It first appeared in RHL 7.3, which was released in May 2002. To me, Fedora 17 is a homage to one of the greatest releases ever and our heritage.
"Spherical Cow" is not bad either. First I thought it sucked and I did not vote for it, but yesterday I figured out it actually has a meaning: "Spherical cow is a metaphor for highly simplified scientific models of complex real life phenomena"
+Christoph Wickert "Beefy Miracle" might be fun if you know the backgrounds, but if you don't (as it's the case for most people) then it looks really really odd and the latter IMHO is a problem
+Thorsten Leemhuis Does it look stupid to those who don't believe in the Beefy Miracle? Probably.
Is this a problem? No, not for me. I think what our contributors want is more important than what others think.
+Thorsten Leemhuis: Most names are a problem if you don't know their meaning! That's the thing about names! IMHO the explanation for "Beefy Miracle" is a cheap joke.
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