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Another one for the #fedora crowd:

Another thing I really hate about Fedora (the project in this case, not the Linux distribution): Delaying thje release of a alpha, beta or final by a full week instead of a day or two when things are not ready yet.
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Personally I think that there has to be a point when rolling development spawns off a release train on a different timetable. So what would be nice on Fedora would be a final release train leaving the development line when the last beta arrives. That would though only kick in though late in the process and would be hard to replicate fro alphas and betas unless there's a really well coordinated release/devel team.
Rolling release needs a ton of other things to be effective...
(Will be talking about at LPC this year as part of my software update talk, assuming it gets accepted)
what? Do you want a good quality distro or not? Stay away from Debian and Open/FreeBSD then
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