#rant #sigh "_warning: foo.conf created as foo.conf.rpmnew" Ten years ago I had expected to rarely see messages like this it any more in 2013. But they IMHO still show up way to often(¹), as too many software still doesn't use the tricks(²) to avoid the hassle. It's one imho, as once in a while those rpmnew files contain important configuration values that break things if you don't merge them back into your configuration :-/

(¹) In this case for example, as this screenshot is from a test vm where I never configured a printer or otherwise touched the cups configuration :-/
(²) among them afaics: (1) sane default configuration somewhere in /usr/ and a empty file in /etc/ that only contains what's actually needed (including overrides) (2) config snippets that can be placed in subdirectories (/etc/modprobe.d/, /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/)
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