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Mailnag 1.0 released!
It's been a while since the last Mailnag release and 
quite a lot has changed since then. Here are some highlights:
Until now, Mailnag was meant to be a mail checker daemon for 
GNOME 3 exclusively. As of this release, Mailnag supports many 
more desktop environments - it should work out of the box in 
Ubuntu (Unity), Linux Mint (Cinnamon), Elementary (Pantheon) 
and of course GNOME 3 (GNOME-Shell). In fact, it should even 
be possible to run the Mailnag daemon on headless systems 
(without desktop).
Another big improvement is Mailnag's new plugin system. 
Mailnag 1.0 comes with a set of desktop-independent default 
plugins for visual/sound notifications, user script execution,
spam filtering etc and can be extended with additional plugins 
Desktop Integration
Additionally to the new Mailnag 1.0 core, I also released 
separate desktop-integration plugins for Ubuntu and GNOME 3.
These plugins extend Mailnag with desktop-specific indicator 
support and make Mailnag integrate seamlessly in those desktop's
respective notification systems.
Remote Control
The new DBus plugin allows other apps to remote control the 
Mailnag daemon and to receive signals on various events 
(e.g. mail arrival).
Full Changelog:
* Mailnag is desktop-independent now (was GNOME3-only)
* Added plugin system to allow easy extensibility
* Cut down the core daemon functionality to mail checking only 
  and moved everything else to plugins
* Released GNOME 3/Ubuntu Unity extension/plugin for a tighter 
  desktop integration
* Added account assistants for popular email providers like Gmail
* Added DBUS service (for remote control/integration in other apps)
* Redesigned and simplified config UI
* Added propper logging (log messages are sent to stdout and the 
  system log now)
* Heavy code cleanup & refactoring
* Reduced disk write access, other performance improvements
* Fixes for various major and minor bugs
* New icon by Reda Lazri

The fileformat of the config file has changed. 
It's highly recommended to rename/backup your 
current config file (~/.config/mailnag/mailnag.cfg).


Ubuntu (Mailnag core, Unity plugin + GNOME-Shell extension):

Arch Linux (Mailnag core + GNOME-Shell extension):

Debian (Mailnag core):
Mailnag 1.0 is available in Debian unstable and testing.

Fedora (Mailnag core):
Mailnag 1.0 is available in Fedora Rawhide.

Installation notes:

I'd like to thank all people who helped to get this release out 
the door, especially +Vincent Cheng & +Thorsten Leemhuis 
for distro packaging, +Reda Lazri for icon and flyer art and 
+alt haser for translations!

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I just set up a COPR for people who can't wait until mailnag 1.0 hits the stable repos:
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Schön schön. #centos  

BTW: Unser Autor hat einen Minor-Bug im Desktop-Screenshot verewigt. Finden Sie ihn!
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Also ich finde, dass die "9" bei 09:37 (Uhr) größer erscheint als die anderen Ziffern ist in meinen Augen auch ein Bug ... (auch wenns vllt nur der Font ist oder ein anderer beabsichtigter Grund - wenn mans mal sieht dann störts ....)
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Thorsten Leemhuis

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Will ich eigentlich auch noch einen Vortrag einreichen? Hmmm...
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Oder "Wie Linux mich zum Extremisten machte" ;)
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Thorsten Leemhuis

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FOSDEM 2015 will take place at ULB Campus Solbosch on Saturday 31 January and Sunday 1 February 2015.
Further details and calls for participation will be announced in the coming weeks and months (likely around August).
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and Linux Conf AU Jan 12-16 in Auckland
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Thorsten Leemhuis

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#sigh Sachen wie diese mehrdeutige Installer-Option, durch die Nutzer ungewollt Daten löschen, sind richtig schlecht für den Ruf der Linux-Welt. Solche Probleme sind IMHO ein Grund, warum mehr Kooperation statt "ich mach jetzt einfach meine eigene Distri, statt zu Debian, Fedora, OpenSuse oder Ubuntu beizutragen" nötig wäre…
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Eine solide Distribution+X unter neuem Namen finde ich in Ordnung. Aber in dem Fall dieser Ubuntu-Abspaltung geht das Gefrickel ja viel weiter. Eines der Probleme mit Mint ist, dass das Team zu klein ist, um auf Dauer wirklich das zu leisten, was eine Mainstream-Distribution bieten muss: Narrensicherheit.
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Was hit by a tg3 bug in 3.16-rc, but from a quick look it seems like a fix is already heading upstream: #linux #kernel #testing #is #important  
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It's not very reasonable to expect a customer to do a full batch of detailed hardware testing, and it's even less reasonable to expect them to be done at this level.

Huge companies may be able to do that, but I suppose even they just rather pre define what hardware they want.

Now I just look at the HP reference and say: this is my standard server for a G8. This is how it has to be because historically the broadcom drivers have been troublesome to me.
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"This is why you need to test edge use cases in your designs." 

via +Niklas Plutte via +Kai Hattendorf 

+André Morys wär auch was für euch?!
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Thorsten Leemhuis

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systemd nspawn booting a freshly composed Fedora rawhide (systemd 215) with nothing but a single /usr directory around

/etc/pam.d, /etc/security, /etc/login.defs, /etc/dbus-1, /etc/yum*/etc/pki,  are all still "broken" and need explicit support in the installer script to make them work.

Install and boot log:

Install script:
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Thorsten Leemhuis

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Thorsten Leemhuis

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Der Kernel unterstützt nun FAT-Dateisysteme im DOS-1.x-Format – wichtige Info für alle, die noch Disketten aus Zeiten vor dem XT (round about) rumliegen haben ;-)
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+Jamin Kaiser thx. Macht auch unglaublich viel Arbeit... Und dann frage selbst ich mich manchmal, ob es die Leute wirklich so genau wissen wollen...
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""" Again, Brazil is the favorite, but with a 32% chance to win now. After its impressive victory against Spain, the Netherlands’ odds jumped to 23.5%: it is now the second favorite. Germany (21.6%) and Argentina (8.6%) are following. """
Someone from Wolfram Alpha did some probabilistic computations :-)
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From what I've seen so far I'm the least sure about Brazil. The Netherlands have played the best football so far, but I have the best feeling about Argentina. Their game improve with every match and they have Messi. But it's just my humble opinion. Math is math :)
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Have him in circles
2,047 people
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