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by +Frank Schillinger , +Ping Doherty and +Andy Q.

a day at the airport
... calling home at the end of the row ...
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i love this perspective ! hope it was short day !
+Victor Bezrukov thanks a lot Victor ... I picked up my mum , so waiting wasn't that bad ;) ....and lots to see and to shoot on an airport ! :)
+Victor Bezrukov I think it is different in every country Germany it is no problem as long as you keep away from the security area ;)
+Victor Bezrukov the last time I was in trouble it was in Bangkok ... they forced me to delete the images :S .... but I was able to recover them at home ;)
Very well done! MUC-airport I'm on my way...
+Victor Bezrukov unfortunately they learn we have to be more tricky the next time .... two memory cards ! ;)
Flieg mal von MUC innerdeutsch, da läufst´e Dir die Füße platt ;)
Ich glaub, ich muss einfach mal nach D'dorf zum Flughafen fahren.
Reg. "We are not stupid" don't you think they can't read ? ....
Wonderful image Thorn! I could call it making the most of airport..he! :)
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