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you want to be in this exclusive circle ?

1. transfer 100 bucks to my account
2. reshare this 5 times in the next 24 hours
3. you've got 500.000 and more followers? don't have to do anything , you're in!
4.crawl my neck
5.promote me
6. 7.8. will follow soon

no exceptions ................ except number 3. applies to you

remember : we're talking about circle share and NOT prostitution ! :)

* sarcasm off * :)
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...sorry folks ...I couldn't resist :D
Well, I only have 2 bucks in my wallet. Will 2 bucks do? ;) Installment?
I think you should be reported, banned and chastised for...... Improper use of sarcasm tags.
<sarcasm> insert sarcasm here </sarcasm>
Can we get this included in HTML?
hahaha.... maybe i would crawl your neck while we are having a beer and some cigarettes :-))
this reminds me of something . . . Let me get back to you on what!!!!
How am I going to send 100 male deer to you Thorn - please advise - they won't fit into an envelope :)
haha +Thorn Button Original! Today was robbed on the 2000$ my room, I can not make a contribution!
no artist or animal has been harmed by writing this ! :)
Cheers +Mark Hall will pack and forward with instructions for Thorn so he can rebuckify them (new word alert) on his side - now we are making progress :)
don't forget +Thorn Button, if ya don't reshare this, YOU'RE OUT (fortunately we have no possibility of resizing the letters yet) ;)
Damn . . I forgot to share . . . I am OUT
You would thinks so +Julia Forbes but rebuckify is the technical term I am trying to promote as I just invented it - new words need support :)
...nobody reshares ....fu** I have to do it myself later on :D
what do i get if i reshared this? :-D
<sarcasm> <h1> Moi !!!! </h1> </sarcasm>
Benno B
Couldnt bear a big grin :D
*still waiting for 6, 7 and 8 . . . . hehehehe <sarcasm>
Make that a #workingonpromotingpanthorn
can hardly wait :} A woman can never have to MANY circle sharing in one day :(
I absolutely qualify for no. 3… am I in? … am I in? damn, gotta hurry… I shouldn't have smashed all bee hives…
I'll throw in an extra 10 bucks if you'll assure us they're all hand picked and high quality people.
Benno B
Guess everyone payed. Hope the price for getting in the b, c, d or f circle is lower :/
+Benno B promised ...when I have my 5D mark III and enough for some prizes it will get cheaper ! .... ouch ...shouldn't have said that so early :/ ..... :)
+Thorn Button I represent a rich Nigerian king who needs help moving his funds out of his country and who like to join your circle. If you can setup a bank account and provide the initial $2000 he needs to perform the transfer, he will transfer his $10M to the account and you will be paid 20% for your service. Please send the back account number to ....
Benno B
Possibly we all here should handpick and validate each others and put us each others in a and b circles :D
i´m still waiting for somebody putting some people together with the "bad boys/girls" with the recommendation to uncircle them.
Or is it already existing and i missed it? :-)
Benno B
+Julia Su what prizes are yougving away on the uncircle circle??? 
why? I´m pretty sure some will raise up their hands to be included :-P
I wonder : if this thread reaches the 500 count , will it appear on the "what's hot" site ? :)
you can only hope . . .instant follower increse Thorn :)
Benno B
Its only on Whats Hot when handpickedquality-circled-people share it :D
+Julia Su that couldn't be the only criterion ....but that's a different theme .... next #BadAss post :D
uh know the secrets???
wuaaaaaaaaaaaah....i´ll gonna plus that post. NOW...... I wanna be in the secrets circle +Thorn Button .....or am i mixing up things??
the first one who "hand picks" me will be in deep deep trouble ! I swear :)
Damn - and I wanted to start a circle "Photographers with less than 20 followers"
hey ...are you crazy ? stop sharing this shit! LOL
2 shares ....I think I need a beer now :D
Benno, I reckon I need to find about 20 people, each 5 bucks, so I have the 100 bucks for this circle.
ok ok ...before they delete my profile I wanted to say : thanks for the fun I had in the last hour ! :)
+Stefan Fuchs ich hatte demagoge gelesen und wollte mich gerade bedanken .....aber so .... tz :D
+Benno B naaah, my only goal is to get in this circle.
Then I would have won the internet.
+Thorn Button you wanna be trending?
We only need to give it a nice hashtag, say: #CircleShareForCash
And then we have to reshare your post with this hashtag and ask all our followers to do the same… I'll start right away…!
Das lag mir schon lange auf der Zunge !! Danke mein Lieber :)
Hehe, do you take Monopoly money? :)
+Odd Jeppesen 500 x $100 ..... yep's enough , I'm not greedy :) ( and I can make some additional circles too )
as a partial perpetrator of this nonsense, I have to agree that it's getting out of control. But, I still think that people asking to be in a circle should share it. No sarcasm intended. Pretty simple really. If you don't want to share circles, don't ask to be in them.
+Charles Lupica the problem is the way it is "promoted" .... until now it's near to spam ! .... and on the other hand it is said : no exeptions ....but those with enough "power" are in without sharing ... a little bit implausible :) I share circles I'm in , but I don't beg to be in one ;)
btw. I don't have a problem to ask for sharing , I have a problem with trying to force the "small" ones and to caress the "celebrities" :)
lach, ich glaube, ich möchte dann lieber doch nicht:)
I have an 5 million deutsche mark banknote. Wouldn`t that be enough to be in there ? With that you would be an multimillionare ;)
+Charles Lupica would be a good idea, but unfortunately there`s printed on it "only valid until 1923" :)
My favorite part was crawl on your neck. This is wonderful and you made your point clearly! Well said and love it.
I might transfer many Greece national bonds....
Is there a discount for kiss-assing? You clever, talented handsome devil, you :)
have shared and 100 dollar wired to u via western union mate ~ geat circle hope i get chosen :)))
+Thorn Button this is funniest thing I have seen all week! He! If I send you chocoloate BUT not promote your circle do I get in??!
+Thorn Button Wow! I am in!! I promise to promote YOU like crazy then! He! :) :) Have a great evening and thanks for making me laugh. Quite a true observation of human behavior :)
+Mary Gotsi it was a pleasure .....I had much fun too with this ;) have a great week ;) xxx
Is this the 'TOP worldwide photographers'-circle? Validated of course.
Best laugh I had all week both the circle and reading the comments. :)
I got a nickel shiny and new..... ;-)
The name of this circle should be: "world top sarcastic photographer" for the time being. Depending on your further regulations for inclusion it may become necessary to change to "...photographers" in future. :-)
wow no bulldust here hahaha!!!! ++++++
but you have plenty of style thorn ;)))
One of the best posts I have seen in a long time +Thorn Button ! Thank you!!! I am going to save the link to the post and add it as comment whenever I see another circle being shared that has similar requirements ! There are at least a couple of circles currently being shared that would be a perfect fit for a link here! :D
lolololol reminds me of something i saw a little while ago... 'me? i am sarcastic... and you? what is your super power?' had great fun reading this post. my boss is actually glancing sideways at me thinking i hit the jackpot. thanks for making me laugh ;-)
+Tania Ferreira I think you take this not very serious !? is a story of death and life, of being important and being unseen .... you can't laugh about this ! .... LOL .... glad I / we could make you laugh , have a great day ;)
yes i can :-P in fact still am...
don't get me wrong , i do understand the psycological drama, fustration, the abandonment yada yada but hey, just to brighten your day - you are in my top photographers circle - it's not for the comon mortal ;-) plus if i ever make one with bad.asses you are also for sure in.
hey if you ever want to talk about it over a beer i will be all ears. if you let me into the circle that is. quid pro quo ;-)
+Tania Ferreira LOL ... you got me ! .... thanks for the laugh you gave me . circled you as well .... can't have enough of intelligent , funny people ... quid pro quo ;)
I'm going to publish a circle of 1 million photographers of the world circle me, if you want to be added to that list ;)
Let's make make some decent number of followers instantly :)
This is the longest fun comment thread I read for a loooong time. Thank you Thorn and all other annotators. Had a lot of fun.
BTW I accept AMEX ;)
Good photos or circling ?
Tough decision.
At first I didn't care....
... then I thought about it
... and I still don't care ;)

But I must admit ....
... I like the images :D
+Heiko Köster but you didn't read it very well ... you have to pay me ...and I don't accept credit cards :D .... it was fun to make this, but unfortunately it is based on some real lousy behavior of some folks here :/
It started with the 10k Photographers of the world... and now it's booming all over ....

And I won't pay you ever :D
Even if you uncircle me , uncircle me, uncircle me, uncircle me.

... unless you sell me an A, but shhhhhhhhhh.
I might take a B instead, shhhhhhhhhh
How did I miss this?!! Thorn, you are too funny!!
+Pam Chalkley I try to be ....but unfortunately the truth isn't far away from this persiflage ;)
I can't believe you posted this over there on that other one. I fell out laughing!!! You're right .. and you're a riot!!!
You can't force us to share if you won't let us in!! And we can't get in if we don't comply with your (unreasonable) demands. LOL
+Thorn Button And now you're a sadist too? Causing me pain and feeling good about it? LOL
Tja, so kann man sich irren… Besonders, wenn man sich über soziale Netzwerke kennen lernt ;)
Swee Oh
lol Good one!!
+Swee Oh unfortunately most people seem not to understand my sarcasm :)
lach, lieber Dirk, ich glaube, dieses Mal bleibt dein Kreis leer - was würdest du auch mit so viel Geld machen, vielleicht nur Blödsinn)
I had to come back to G+ to read again one of my favourite posts here of all time! :D
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