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Is this new?

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I'm not getting this message. Must be new though.
not even when you visit your youtube channel?
Wait, I just added my Google+ profile to my channel now. yeah, I am see it now :)
so is this going to be mandatory? if so, i don't get why?
I think so. I guess they want people who visit your profile to also see your YouTube account.
It only means that you can add a link to your channel on your g+ profile. The change itself is mandatory.
+Jacob Dix but i can do that right now, can't i!? just add a custom link on the right in the about section...
+Thorben Groth I think they might add some sort of tab for your YouTube profile (like how they have the "About" tab, "+1" tab, etc.
It'll be optionally visible in any case.
The change is likely in the links you can add to the right on your profile. Im on my mobile, so cant tell. But this is how I understood the change originally.
Now if only they would use it to replace to videos tab!!!
+Nate Cress and if you have multiple user account on both youtube and G+? How will that integrate? I'm pretty sure the youtube channel is an option to link it like blogger is.
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