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Thor “Yawnie” King

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Liru - Renkin San-kyuu Magical Pokaan
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Also, have you noticed when she bears on her right leg like so and with her arms akimbo behind her head, she looks like a bird preparing to take flight?
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Thor “Yawnie” King

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Body art displaying anatomical cross-section view of organs beneath tattooed skin area.
This New Kind Of Body Art Is Both Disgusting And Beautiful 

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Thor “Yawnie” King

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ミクチョコちゃん! | ゆーすけ54
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I am presently unemployed. I spend most of my time either on hobbies or attending to my survival needs.
Computer programmer (C, PHP, Python, some Perl, bash shell [GNU tools, ubuntu], regular expressions [appl. HTTP field experience ~= 10yrs], JavaScript) - mostly applied, never could deal with theory much; Hypertext Transport Protocol enthusiast (I can telnet a request for '/' before most servers can time me out); video gamer, aesthete, hedonist, a few notes on a piano and a few stick figures on paper, bug tested video games in my youth; lies and misdirection; aside from that, the basic biological functions of any human being.
  • N/A
    Unemployed, 2009 - present
  • University of Idaho
    Laboratory assistant, Comp Sci 101, 2009 - 2009
    tutor and lab work evaluation
  • University of Idaho
    Computer and network maintenance technician, UI Law Library, 2008 - 2009
    hardware and software repair
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Viola, ID, USA
Pullman, WA, USA - Lewiston, ID, USA - Moscow, ID, USA - Vallejo, CA, USA - Colville, WA, USA
Contact Information
1433 Flannigan Creek Road; Viola, ID 83872
It's a naive, domestic algorithm; but I think you'll be amused by its presumption.
I am Thor King: an unemployed hobbyist computer programmer in my late twenties. See the bottom of this page for external links to my projects on Google Code. (Of my portfolio as published at this time, only MLPTK is presently (since 2013) subject to my active development.) My attitude is legendarily excremental and I am a poor contributor to group projects; please seek a different programmer to assist you. On the playground, I spend most of my days rolling, being hated, and (by virtue of evading pursuit) not being apprehended in the act of riding dirty. My pertinent contact information, including my for-real address (email & street) and home telephone number, is listed below (public visibility). Flashing red weak points: shattered molar (2nd left mandibular), weak lumbar spine, carpal tunnel syndrome, lazy eye, overactive appetite, myopia, self-righteousness, ethical principles. Hobbies: computers, science, fine art, stakeouts. Keeper of rodents. Abstract interests: Hipsters, broccoli, Touhou, contemporary illustrative portraiture, crossover parodies, computer technology, goth culture & EGL, sexual fetishes, cybersecurity, cosplay (esp. whities and kigurumi jokes), figurine photography, FURRIES if they don't scoot much more than I do, dumbed down economics for a liberal unterklasser, textual transcripts of public events, memes, political analysis and reporting, statistical digests of demographics, fluid dynamics sims and concept art, social network research, _informed consent,_ cyberpunk, GLBT civil rights, fantasy art, partial immersion foreign language training, animal psychology excl. humans, cute animals, Charles Darwin's theory on the origin of species and potential applications to evolutionary computing, freedom of the press, freedom of law enforcement investigative inquests, governmental transparency and an end to the damn corruption already, DFC, Kentucky Fried Chicken and the concept of corporate mascots as public figures, drug abuse recovery stories, psychonauts, a USB line, theory and practice of time travel, hivemind phenomena, Google APIs, space travel (interplanetary), trees, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, fantasy & sci-fi literature, anything to do with stopping digital rights management from impeding citizen journalism and collective cultural preservation, haiku in English, Dutch culture, assisted suicide and human rights, cultural saturation and long-term effects on indoctrinated personality traits, electromagnets plus neuroscience, people who circle me on Google+, the wise teachings of the Dalai Lama, the wise teachings of other religious icons, nostalgia, the stranger from the train, GAR, and World War Three. The preceding enumeration is not comprehensive. As you've probably noticed, I entertain myself occasionally by appending arbitrary topics to that list. Prior to dropping out of college, I operated under numerous field legends, since I was leery of giving out my personal information on the Internet (although this didn't stop a few folks from tracking me down; news at 11). In no particular order, for your viewing enjoyment, I have been: Yawn-chan-sama: previously a moderator, then administrator of the Merchant Guild forums, now defunct. Listed birth year on that site: 2/2/2222 or possibly 2022, depending whether I fixed the SQL bug or left it. That bird has flown, and I won't remember the others much longer, so if you desperately need to know, and haven't asked already... Alexis T Ferret: Oh. Hi. Hast thou the Spice? Mahou no Mahou: from AnimaRO, a Ragnarok Online pirate server. TellTail and the Specialist: of furnet, I think; find Marnol? Extraneous Zipper the Skunk: of second life; she'll be parked at the UI server if memory serves... BAWW: a random nobody of (NOT LULZNET :) and; recommend you speak to the administrator, "jihadi", if you _need to know._ UNNAMED: of The Sonic Foundation, FIC/PSC, furnet, furrymuck, Prontera Parish, 4chan/b/ & /r/, 7chan, 12chan, 420chan, ofurchan, and others. Pwnage Elemental: of AOL Instant messenger.  onepoint5pie: of MSN Messenger. H'lo R. I think I've also been "Elizabeth Ethridge" (a lizard-girl in a pinstripe suit on City of Heroes / Villains server, who summoned ninja); "Nublisse" (WoW priest); "Yawn" (Merchant), "Sigh" (Swordswoman), "Shrug" (Wizard), "The Lethargic Thief" (Rogue), and a few others on iRO; "Corvax" on various Call of Duty servers; "Thor" and "Noobernator" on Diablo and Starcraft; "Blackey McNaggerPants" (Drow Evoker) on NWN and NWN 2; ...
Bragging rights
If what they say is true, then I'm actually a radioactive alien with eight eyes growing in my brain. Also, those of the female canine persuasion have not yet been informed as to the properties, nature, or location of my genitals.
  • Hard Knocks, School Of
    (pending), 2009 - present
  • Potlatch High School
    Idaho HS Curriculum (contemporary), 2002 - 2006
  • University of Idaho
    Computer Science (B.S. - incomplete), 2006 - 2009
  • Potlatch Elementary School
    Contemporary Idaho elementary curriculum circa 1990s., 1992 - 1998
  • Potlatch pre-K
    I think most of us were learning to talk around this time in our lives., 1991 - 1992
  • Independent study
    Contemporary Idaho middle-school curriculum, 1998 - 2001
Basic Information
June 1, 1987
Other names
Jingles, *Yawn*, Yawnie, Yawn-chan-sama, Pwnage Elemental, onepoint5pie, TellTail, The Specialist, AlexisTFerret, BAWW, VIX9, NotAGiantOmnipotentChocolateEclair, YawnSighShrug, Mahou no Mahou, Extraneous Zipper, Priestess of Proxomitron, NotAYawnoceros, corvax
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