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The following code snippet creates a WebGL-compatible projection matrix from a VRFieldOfView . function fieldOfViewToProjectionMatrix (fov, zNear, zFar) { var upTan = Math.tan(fov.upDegrees * Math.PI / 180.0); var downTan = Math.tan(fov.downDegrees * Math.PI / 180.0); var leftTan = Math.tan(fov.

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For a device worn or carried by a person the MAC address is effectively a unique ID for that individual; this is a problem now and it will get much worse,Privacy,Threats and Risks ,Internet of Things,IoT,Adam Harvey,Surveillance,Krowd,Geoff Revilll,Digital Catapult,MAC address,Privacy,Privacy By Design

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Video Friday: Kicking a Robot, TV Drone Crash, and Supernumerary Lightsabers
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acmqueue is now an app! Download from iTunes or Google Play, or view within your browser. ACM professional members can sign in with their ACM web account to read acmqueue for free. Non-members can subscribe to acmqueue for $19.99 per year. More information here ...

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Let's Encrypt : NDN node
/localhost/daemons/nfd/KEY/ksk-1456494485589/ID-CERT 0.4.1-1-g704430c 2016-06-09T04:21:18.290000 2016-06-25T08:43:49.733000 PT1398151S 36617 75 8 0 65536 10418080 800241 13939877 923621 tcp4:// tcp6://[::]:6363 udp4:// udp6://[::]:6363 unix:///run/nfd.sock ws://[::]:9696 ...

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ทะลุปรุโปร่ง OpenStack
ได้หัวข้อวิจัยพร้อม #แต่ไม่มีเวลาทำแน่นอน
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Tls 1.3
More privacy, less latency.. with TLS 1.3! Great overview of the upcoming improvements in TLS 1.3:

1-RTT handshakes by default, and 0-RTT for repeat sessions.
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