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Thomson Muriyadan
Designer of Digital things 📱| Studies Technology and Change | Aspiring Academic 🎓
Designer of Digital things 📱| Studies Technology and Change | Aspiring Academic 🎓


What do you think of the UI refresh of Google Plus?

How has it impacted your usage in terms of posting, consuming content and interacting with users?

I am still getting used to all the movement and hidden controls in some places. What about you?

Hi guys,

I just joined as a Product Designer and was looking for more colleagues in the design team. :)

We (already using we!) need UI/UX designers as we're growing really fast and we want to keep up. The next year will see us rolling out a brand new web experience and really hitting all the marks on a consistent yet awesome user experience.

Anybody here or someone in your contact looking for a rigorous Product Design experience? We would love to call him/her over for coffee.

Location: Mumbai

P.S. If you'd rather discuss your work with me personally I'll be glad to catch up over coffee anywhere in the city. Ping me at :)

Heckyl ( is looking for a UX designer.

Location: Hiranandani, Mumbai.

Eligibility criteria - 
1. An understanding of user experience, user research, interaction design, and design principles
2. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in HCI, Industrial Design, Graphic Design or related field
3. 2+ years of experience in UX/Interaction Design
4. A professional portfolio demonstrating interaction design experience

 To apply write to them at with subject line, "UX Designer".

P.S. replies here will not be entertained.

Anybody here studied UX theory?

Do you know about the principle of Direct Manipulation?
Ever heard of the principle of Distributed Cognition?

I was looking for examples (one each) that violate the above principles. A website/app/software OR an actual physical object (stove, toaster, oven, washing machine) will do.

Please help if you remember seeing such bad interfaces.. It's for an assignment for a Course I am doing on Coursera. I got 3 out 5 things. Just need 2 more. Getting help for this seems like a long shot but am trying. :)

Winculum Services is looking for an ace PHP or JS developer to create a full fledged Enterprise level app from scratch based on their winning MVP. Preferably freelancers based in India.

No agencies please.

Those interested get in touch with Gaurav Pareek -

Comments here will not be entertained. Please contact the concerned person directly.

Hello everyone,

I am sensing I am falling behind in the CSS/SVG animation scene.
Are there any really good resources for beginners?
Also isn't there a debate on CSS vs. SVG animation?
I'm so out of it these days... 

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Cohesive Colors is a tool that helps you get really neat color schemes based on this technique by +Erica Schoonmaker #uidesign   #colors   #techniques   #tools  

Let me know your thoughts. And what's your color scheme-ing process? :)

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Brandarms is looking for a talented web developer.
Location: Mumbai
A chance to work under the able mentorship of +Amit Erandole 
If you are a looking for a big leap in your web dev career, this is the job to have!
Check the link for details and how to apply.
As usual, comments on this post won't be entertained.
Contact the employer directly.

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Wrote a blogpost after a long time - 7 tips for better web typography. Taken from all over the web but learned after couple years of experience. Still learning! #webdesign   #typography   #tipsandtricks
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How many of you guys are regular WordCamp goers?
Does your local WordPress meetup have a website?
I am a part of the WordPress meetup in Mumbai, India and we just got done with WordCamp Mumbai 2015 here.
I am an active volunteer and we're thinking of rehashing our meetup website. Looking for inspiration. So far I found this- | pretty neat I say!
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