Dear DoubleTwist team,

I recently purchased 2 Qualcomm AllPlay enabled devices (Lenco Playlink4 and Playconnect) and it's great to stream music from DoubleTwist (classic) to my devices!

However, I noticed that playback always stops after one song.
That's not quite ideal, because I'd actually like to play my whole playlist, not just the first song :)

I couldn't find much in the logs, but I'll attach them anyway:
D/JPlayerManager( 4789): 2015/07/12 18:35:43.577 [DEBUG] - [ControllerBus::onPlayStateChanged]
D/JPlayerManager( 4789): 2015/07/12 18:35:43.578 [DEBUG] - [PlayerManagerImpl::onPlayStateChanged]
D/JPlayerManager( 4789): 2015/07/12 18:35:43.578 [DEBUG] - [GetPlayState::parseProperty] playState STOPPED
D/JPlayerManager( 4789): 2015/07/12 18:35:43.579 [DEBUG] - [PlayerManagerImpl::onPlayStateChanged] state 0
D/JPlayerManager( 4789): 2015/07/12 18:35:43.580 [DEBUG] - PlayerManagerImpl::onPlayerStateChanged Living Room 0
D/OrbPlayTo_jni( 4789): [onZoneStateChanged] zone=Living Room
D/AllPlayRenderer( 4789): onZonePlayerStateChanged[pFqOkisxzyWRiaNJ, Living Room] state=STOPPED
V/MediaPlaybackService( 4789): Transitioning from Playing to Stopped (will notify) (state changed)
D/MediaPlaybackService( 4789): Setting Remote Control State to 1
D/MediaPlaybackService( 4789): NOTIFYCHANGE: com.doubleTwist.androidPlayer.playstatechanged, false, false, false
E/MediaPlaybackService( 4789): Playing: false
D/MediaPlaybackService( 4789): SAVING SEEK POSITION: 0
D/BaseFragmentActivity( 4789): Update now playing buffering false
D/BaseFragmentActivity( 4789): Update now playing statusTextResource == -1 Call Your Girlfriend//Robyn//false
D/BaseFragmentActivity( 4789): Update active renderer.
D/MediaRendererDialog( 4789): Updated renderers!

Thanks a lot and keep up the great work!
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