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Kinda difficult to have an impressive screenshot, but at least I can give a try:
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Is this demonstrating that you have XFCE working on Mir?
Nope, this is XFCE (or better: XUbuntu Desktop) running on X(Mir) talking to Mir running as a system-level compositor. Apart from installing Mir as a system-level-compositor, I just did a plain sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop.
Oh, very cool.  So... as opposed to using Compiz as the compositor?  Or no compositor at all?
I think XFCE runs its own compositor, which in turn renders to Mir :)
How is XFCE running on X(Mir) different than XFCE working on Mir?
+Joseph Bylund  I'm no expert, but I think it's that Mir is presenting the same interface as X, allowing the XFCE window manager to run on top of it without any changes.
Does context menus work correctly?
+Jonah Dahlquist +Joseph Bylund  XMir is a nested X server that sends its rendering to Mir rather than directly to the display.

It's a full X server, so anything that works in X works in XMir.

Later we'll be adding support for a rootless XMir server - which basically just means that there's no “desktop” window, and all the X11 windows look like native windows.

That's harder, because you then need to handle all the window management translation from X11 to Mir and back. +Anders Jenbo - that's when your context menus will stop working correctly ☺.

At least until we iron out the bugs.
Excelent! I'm looking forward to use Mir soon as possible!!!
Hey +Thomas Voß, this is really awesome news! Maybe you could try out a software under your currently installed window system: Blender 3D...we're doing many OGL calls and stress the graphics card very much when rendering with Cycles ... just to do a little stress test ;)

Looking forward for the new Ubuntu with (X)Mir!
+Thomas Beck Starts and works fine with Unity7 on XMir, any impressive tutorial demo you want me to run?
Hi this was fast! Just take MikePans BMW Scene... he should get a dollar for every rendering coming out of it - he would be a millionaire ;)

If you've got an nVidia, then goto File->User Preferences, change to the "system" tab and choose your Nvidia Device under "Compute device"...

Then close the prefs and hit F12 when the BMW is visible.

Your graca will sweat, I promise ;)
No NVIDIA here, sorry. Only Intel! Is there some other example scene I could use?
The problem is (in this case) not the example scene. You could simply try to render it (F12) and if it renders ok, everything should be allright. Our rendering engine is using openCL on nvidia or nvidia cuda extensively if available... +AMD  is having problems with their openCL compiler so we could not compile our kernel to their cards. They are trying to fix this... since months!

But when you say it runs alright and there are no graphic issues, it seems you're on a really good way!

Thanks for testing anyway!
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