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GNOME3 on XMir: Check :)
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sounds like good progress! So this is gnome3 rendering to a flat xmir window that just gets placed as full screen window in Mir right? Mir isn't managing the individual windows in this is it? So the entire screen could wobble, but no wobbly windows yet :)
Exactly, unity-system-compositor (Mir as a system-compositor) is treating the whole session as one window.
+AG Restringere XMir is an X driver adjustment that allows the X server (or better: the drivers) to talk to Mir. In this context, Mir is a compositor that assembles the final image of the session and pushes the pixels to the screen.
is there existing archived upstream xorg discussion yet concerning upstreaming the xmir patches to xorg xserver to make xmir work with future stock upstream xserver releases? Or is the plan from your team to keep xmir capable xserver as a permemant fork of the xserver codebase?
If you want to be really lazy about it you can run Mir->XMir->Wayland
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