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So... Just found this in one of my source 4 pars, things that make me go... Huh?

So what is wrong with this picture. Lighting folks should get this immediately.

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You know your students are in tech when...

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Need help identifying this connector, anyone got ideas? Find lots of 12 pin connectors similar, but this has the odd pin holes (circular instead of square) so I figure it might be a very precise connector. It is connecting two speaker cabinets together as part of a portable sound system. Thanks

EDIT: Fixed phone autocorrect gone wild... 

So want to poll the community, and I know how stupid this sounds....

I am trying to decide whether I should move from Darktable to Adobe Lightroom or not, but before you answer hear me out and read the situation first please.

My primary computer is a pixel running Chrome OS. I just got the ability to run Android apps on it. This means I could conceivably run a the android lightroom app on it. I currently dual boot it using an external hard drive to run Darktable on. I do not want to use Crouton as I have had to rebuild chroots to often to depend on them (When I need to powerwash the chromebook, for instance to move from dev channel to beta or stable, I lose the chroot unless it is backed up, and when talking about something to store photos, backups get expensive).

My secondary computers are all Macs. I haven't run Darktable on them in a while, but my experience was it was always just a little below Linux support, but not bad. I even have a Mac mini I can currently possibly dedicate to photo editing with, possibly, an old Cinema Display.

I am primarily looking at workflow sadly, in particular one in which either my wife or I could rate pictures especially, maybe do adjustments/editing, but most of the editing I tend to do, but the ability to filter the library and rate pictures by either my wife (On Mac and Android) or myself (ChromeOS, Android, and Linux as a dual boot currently). The possibility of purchasing a project sputnik XPS13 with Linux on it has crossed my mind, but isn't in the near future I don't think. I generally use Linux a LOT for development and for audio work, but i am looking to do my hobby of photography more on the road where dual-boot off an external drive is a bit of a hassle.

Ok so given all this, it seems like my easiest workflow would be Lightroom sadly, as I really like darktable and wish to be able to stay open source as much as possible (Note price is not really what i mean by open source), but I am not seeing this as the best option for me going forward sadly. I have looked into rollapp but without being able to calibrate the monitor for instance, seems like it isn't the best choice, and the lack of a good sync solution on darktable seems to be in favor of Lightroom sadly? Does anyone have thoughts to the contrary that I might have missed? I could possibly upload all my raw pics to Google Drive for a basic sync solution, but how well would multiple versions of darktable handle hundreds of gigs of photos being opened in different locations?

Thanks for the time, hate asking questions like these but I really want to make sure I have exhausted all the options.

Anyone having an issue with the dev channel on the 2015 pixel causing chrome to constantly run with >100% CPU no matter if browsing is happening or not?

Trying to determine if mine is an oddball case or not, but as a result obviously the fan is running non stop and it gets a bit warm.

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I don't often post these, so I apologize to anyone that might follow me, but I need to post an update about a friend that a fundraiser was held for a bit ago.

Mike Tschrin, someone I went to High School with years ago, and the brother to a close friend of mine, sadly passed away after losing a fight with cancer. He was not that old, still in his thirties and I believe was the sole breadwinner for his house of 4. As a result they are left with a mounting pile of bills, the loss of a father and husband and brother, and an insurmountable amount of grief.

I am asking for anyone that might have money to spare to consider donating to help the family out as they recover from their loss. You can do so below, which I believe was the same fundraiser originally used for trying to help him fight cancer, so despite the number shown, very little money is actually available to the family as that was used to help pay medical bills earlier in an unsuccessful attempt to keep Mike around and with his family.

Thanks in advance for even considering this.

Anyone ever used electric window tint for light control in a space before? I have a space that needs about 2000 sqft of stained glass that needs some light control, never worked with the stuff before, curious if anyone has thoughts on it?

Yes we have considered the standard motorized blinds, etc. for the space but has been deemed visually unacceptable at this point.

Ways I dodge a bullet...

Me speaking to my wife:

Me: "You know, after 11 years of marriage... wait it is 11 right?"
Her: No it's 10:30

It had been 12 years😂

Signs I might be a bit easily distracted by... oooh shiny!
Random things that bring me enjoyment...

When a live streaming company cold emails me asking me to if I have time to listen to their sales pitch; I have decided that my litmus test for accepting essentially is seeing if they are brave enough to contact me with this response...

"Sure, I will listen to you, but I warn you that if you call me, it WILL get technical!"

^^ Says the guy that built the current solution in place from open source tech (Linux, ffmpeg, nginx-rtmp, and a few others).


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