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In September 2014 Apple won the Coolest Brand Award in the UK for the third consecutive year with Aston Martin and Nike in 2nd and 3rd place.

That’s partly because of their very special advertisement, reflecting strategy and philosophy of the company. It inspires people much more than ad of other brands. Here is a brief summarization of the most famous slogans of the company.

Apple ad never took care of competitors (with some rare exceptions) in contrast to Samsung as well as Microsoft.

Just one of some poor examples ...

Apparently, Apple phones just doesn’t work. Even putting an Apple to your ear and hoping that you will hear more than the echoes from the mountain doesn’t seem to help. They make you suffer terribly. Once you got a Samsung, you perform a mating dance toward a mountain ram. In any case the clear implication is that iPhones don’t work in the Icelandic mountains, while Samsung’s Galaxy S4 turns you into a ninja.

Apple’s ad always focusses on it’s own products often emphasizing features other products do not offer. Apple never mocks devotees of other brands. Remember Tim Cook saying ‘We’re about selling the best.’ so there is no need to take care of other products. This can be seen as conceited but in either way as considered opinion.

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