Some Project Fi Thoughts at 4 Months

Project Fi is interesting. It's almost everything I wanted from Google Voice (currently missing some features though) with the added benefit of free WiFi hotspots and very good VOIP calling. My only complaint is data. It's expensive and its now something I worry about regularly, where as I never worried with TMO. That said, my data usage has dropped almost in half... From 6+ gigs to 3-4 gigs a month. Right now the benefits of Fi's Google Voice feature set out weighs the concerns of my data worrying since its not costing me more to use Fi and in some cases it costs less. I only made some minor tweaks to my phone to decrease data usage, photo back up on WiFi only, update apps on WiFi only, and turned Google Music down from high quality to regular. I plan on sticking with Fi for the foreseeable future, but wish they would consider some alternative data pricing options.
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