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so the head of engineering for android is called David Singleton? ha.
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Yes, love the name as well :) How appropriate. I wonder what his favorite pattern is?
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Thomas Taschauer

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you can join the beta here (after joining this community):

and then you should be able to download the app here:
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#androiddev  did you know that onAttach is called before everything else on a Fragment?

Also interesting: onActivityCreated, which tells you that the Activity has been fully created, is only called after onCreateView (and therefore after onAttach too). So if I understand this correctly, you should not assume that all views have been added to the Activity already in onAttach.
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+Thomas Taschauer  Very first lifecycle management call. It is called before any other onXXX method.
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Thomas Taschauer

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Android Protip: never ever convert a Android Test project to a Maven project in Eclipse. It breaks things!

(in case you're curious: the maven-android-plugin constantly messes with the classpath, i.e. add all Maven dependencies)

Source: me, after banging my head against the desk for half a day.
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Thomas Taschauer

commented on a post on Blogger.
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You guys should start actually doing open source right by maintaining your repositories (issues, pull requests, etc). What you're doing is just dumping code into repositories.

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That's nice to hear! Maybe it's just Google not caring about iOS so much... :P
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Inspecting Android: introducing inspectroid

Let's try something new: today's blogpost is written in Google Drive, because the editor there is SO much better than the one here. It's about a new app (more a proof-of-concept) I've been working on... To the article:
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Learning by Reading
There's so many websites coming out of nowhere interested in "disrupting" education by offering it for free / cheap on the internet: Udacity , Khan Academy , Treehouse , Codeacademy , etc, etc. I like the idea of learning in the internet, and I love how pol...
There's so many websites coming out of nowhere interested in "disrupting" education by offering it for free / cheap on the internet: Udacity, Khan Academy, Treehouse, Codeacademy, etc, etc. I like the idea of learning in the ...
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Yes, searching for the right sources is tricky, but you mentioned amazon...
My approach to an unknown topic would be: Search as specific as necessary, try to find the top references¹ (on amazon this equals to lot's of above average ratings), spend some time with these (amazon often let's you read passages), read some critiques to see if it fit your needs, then maybe buy one for starters if you think you hit something. Don't worry, without any help from others your first source into a topic will be rather "meh" in hindsight, but that doesn't matter, you learned something, which is why you started anyway, isn't it?

More important is what comes next: This book has references, mentions other topics/books/authors you did not know about before, and that's where it get's interesting: You have found your way into a topic and are gaining knowledge with every single step you take. Even learning about topics/authors you want to avoid is learning and very important.

[Finding your sources is a lot like finding friends as a teenager. You spend some time with people, some of them you enjoy more than others, you listen to their advice and through them you again find other friends, because you trust your friend's choices.
The difference is: Sources are publicly known for their relevance and quality and this information will help you a lot if you ask for it.]

Welcome to the world of research. This is what education actually is about. And once you found your way into a topic it feels effortless and inspiring. It's the "not knowing" what is holding you back, and only you can change that. The question is not "Is it worth the effort?" The real question is: "Can I resist the urge to learn and what am I waiting for?"
The way we were taught in school will not work for advanced topics and specific interests. There is no way to school someone on these, most of the work has to be done by you spending time with your sources².

¹ Actually I usually begin with a google search about the topic. For e.g. programming languages, I search for nice tutorials and some background knowledge about the language and the dev-environment, etc.
This keeps me occupied for quite some time, no need for any advanced/specific sources. And as soon as I hit a topic that needs research, I know right away what my questions are, most certainly I hit some references to books in the meantime, etc.
² A lecture can also be a source and help you a lot in finding a way into the topic. But it did never work well for me in terms of gaining knowledge about a topic (unless it was about basics e.g. anatomy or advanced mathematics, where some guy teaching you around the incredibly large topic helps a lot).
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I finally managed to record some good Battlefield 4 Scout Helicopter gameplay!
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Thomas Taschauer

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sad but very likely to be true
How I image some App users when I read the comments section on +Google Play 

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hilarious! and so true :-S
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