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Here's the first draft of the 685 mile bicycle route I will be taking on June 1st to raise money for AIDS prevention and treatment. If anyone has  recommendations for a good route to get through LA (Bel Air->Newport Beach), please add a comment!

I'm only at 52% of my fund-raising goal, so your support is needed! For more info see or
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Thomas Strömberg

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In the far corner of the bicycle parking garage at work, I noticed that someone appears to have purchased most of the Park Tool catalog for commuters to use. This is unreasonably awesome.

I was particularly impressed when I saw there were cassette removal  tools hiding in the blue shelf. 
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+Paul Huckabee No, he's all mine!
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Thomas Strömberg

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Barely awake, but it looks like a promising day for an 80 mile ride.
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Looks like a great day for a ride.
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Thomas Strömberg

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As the TechLead for the Google Camera I am immensely proud to announce the launch of the unbundled Google Camera app for Android. We have completely redone the application to not only make it look better, but also take better pictures.

You have to try out our new mode Lens Blur, which lets you shoot photos that look like they have been taken with a DSLR due to their shallow depth of field. Check out the attached example.

Before I joined the Google Camera team I worked on Photo Sphere. That team made panorama taking even better this time. First of all you can take 50 megapixel panorama photos with your phone (yes, you read this correctly!), second of all you can now use the brand new Panorama mode to quickly snap a wide angle mode either horizontally or vertically. Check out the super cool wide-angle panorama I shot two weeks ago. It’s 21 megapixels taken with my Nexus 5! With this size you can easily print a really big poster from it and hang it on your wall! :)

The last thing I want to mention is the viewfinder. You might wonder why the capture button fills up so much space… people complained a lot about the previous camera’s viewfinder cropping pixels - meaning that when you took a photo, the final result would contain more pixels than what you saw on the screen. This means it was impossible to carefully frame a shot exactly the way you wanted it. We heard you, so this is now a thing of the past! With the new app, what you see if what you get (WYSIWYG).

I hope you enjoy this new camera app and the new possibilities it gives you. I am curious to hear what you like and what you don’t like. Now that we are on the Play Store we will work hard on pushing new updates more often than in the past. So stay tuned for more improvements and new features in the near future.

If you have a Nexus 4, 5, 7 or 10 with KitKat, you should get the update automatically. If you have another KitKat phone, head over to the Play Store and get the app now:

And now go out to take and share some cool photos, videos, photo spheres, panoramas or Lens Blur photos :)

Follow me, +Evan Rapoport and others to see some of the amazing things we were capturing in the last few weeks while testing. Also make sure to follow +Adam Lasnik  for updates on Google Maps Views.

#lensblur   #photosphere   #googlecamera   #newgooglecamera   #panorama   #tinyplanet  
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Thomas I really want to try this out soon with my Nexus phone.I already have the app but didn't know about the features. Thanks
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Hope it doesn't start off as horrible as Civ5 before the first round of DLC and patches.  I've been playing SMAC recently so I'm pretty stoked as well ... but Civ5 had some major blunders :(

When I can beat the AI on a fairly high level, somethings not right.
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This is what riding a bicycle or being a pedestrian in Apex and Cary, NC feels like to me now. It didn't used to be this bad :(
#sothisjusthappened  I introduced myself to Joy Moss who lives in Westlake today while on my ride. (That is what her personalized plate said) By the Grace of God she did not kill me as she chatted away on her cell phone, crossing into right lane to turn left into her driveway while I was cruising along at 20mph on Bradley Rd. I had a choice between her windshield or a mailbox to my chest. I some how squeezed through both. How? By the Grace of God. I turned around to follow her into her driveway as SHE IS STILL CHATTING AWAY ON THE CELLPHONE. I tap her window, and say "Hello Joy Moss, I cannot believe you are still talking on the cell phone. My name is Kathy J Armada and you almost killed me just now. I have daughter who would have been mother less as of 2 seconds ago. Just thought you would want to know the name of the cyclist you almost killed" And then I continued on my ride.
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Ugh, yeah, it seems like it's getting worse instead of better in a lot of areas.
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Thomas Strömberg

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This map surprised me: 81 years after prohibition was repealed, sale of alcohol is still illegal in many US counties. In fact, it's illegal in nearly half of Mississippi. Unsurprisingly, there is also appears to be a close correlation between counties that are "dry" and those which have the "least expensive housing wage" according to the 2010 Census. 

The red counties are where the ban is county-wide, the yellow counties are where some restrictions may apply.

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+Anthony Good  Thats true in many states, Florida, Virginia and North Carolina as well, ABC stores are state owned in both. Didn't see the state site for FL, but that sort of setup is pretty standard.

Beer and wine are treated much looser in them, but hard products are state controlled.
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Thomas Strömberg

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Breakfast of champions... Or at least cyclists anyways.
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I know a little blonde who would LOVE that for breakfast. So would her grandmother.
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Thomas Strömberg

commented on a video on YouTube.
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At this point, it is easy to confuse elementaryOS with a future beta of Mac OS X. I am anxiously awaiting a build that supports EFI boot.
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+Avi Romanoff do you know when it will be out? be it looks FUCKIN AWESOME!!
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American Tobacco Trail - I am in you.
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I did a full out time trial last sept on it when I was training for the Outer Banks triathlon and that's when it felt like that. It's entirely possible it's better now. I'll have to look up the other trail, but from your description I assume I should take my mountain bike?

So are you all moving back here or just visiting for a while? :-)
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One of the better places for a cappuccino. Almost good enough to make up for the lack of real serving mugs.
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Great classic Italian style pizza, great beer selection, attentive service. I will be back.
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I finally found a place in Cary/Apex that does Cappuccino's somewhat properly. Good pastries too - I will be back.
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reviewed 3 months ago
344 reviews
My recent visit felt almost like an episode of Hell's Kitchen. Deceptive servers, cold calamari, and an excessive wait for the main dish. The food was decent, but I have no plans to come back.
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reviewed 3 months ago