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Thomas Stone
PhD Neuroinformatics at Edinburgh University
PhD Neuroinformatics at Edinburgh University

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Come see our presentation at ICRA tomorrow (15:30 in room A2) and our interactive session (16:40-17:15, Screen 3.8 in the hallway on floor 3).

#icra #icra2016 #robots #localization #navigation #ants

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This is why I always treat my robots ethically.

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I wonder how high this is going to be... :o

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Wow! Amazing progress over the last few years. For their next video they should teach the robot to dodge and take the hockey stick ;)

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Was already excited to read that Facebook have a 5th amateur dan Go bot yesterday, then today Deepmind reveal theirs has beaten a 2nd pro dan! Very cool and can't wait to see their challenge against one of world's best Go players Lee Sedol in March (9th pro dan).

I imagine that even if given access to the source / neural net weights, it would be much harder for a player to plan against this type of Go engine than old chess engines with hard-coded heuristics.

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been playing with this all evening :)
Open Source Release of TensorFlow

I'm very excited to announce the open source release of the TensorFlow machine learning library that I and many others at Google have been building.

This blog post gives an overview:

The web site has a number of tutorials and documentation about the system:

The source is on GitHub:

You might also be interested in the whitepaper we've prepared that describes TensorFlow in more detail:

We'd love to hear what people think.

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An album with some cool climbing pictures
19 Photos - View album

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Some Guardian reader made a very cool poster of my favourite goal ever! :p

What weirded me out was when Googling to check if it was actually for sale I came across this site:

Do these things exist for all footballers? or is there something about Dennis Bergkamp's goals in particular that people find aesthetically pleasing in diagram form?

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Historical rankings for the four world cup favourites are plotted below. I'm amazed that for the last 20 years Brazil and Spain have dominated the #1 position so much. And the only real blip not covered by one of these four teams is France (a year after winning WC 98 and Euro 2000).

Anyway it's good that all four are looking strong right now and to see Brazil shoot back to near the top just before their world cup. This should be good :)
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