As +Bernard Vatant has just pointed out on Twitter (, we have hit the *1,000,000*  #RDF  triples mark in the #OpenKnowledgeGraph last night.

Also, as our paper was accepted for publication at #KECSM2012 , I have updated the header at, and added some #BibTeX :

  author = {Thomas Steiner and Stefan Mirea},
  title = {{SEKI@home, or Crowdsourcing an Open Knowledge Graph}},
  booktitle = {Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Knowledge Extraction and Consolidation from Social Media (KECSM2012)},
  year = 2012,
  month = nov,
  address = {Boston, USA}

+Stefan Mirea is working on fixing the currently broken content negotiation part of the #SPARQL  endpoint.

Also, we will have a public non-service announcement later tonight… 
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