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Lovely to see another strongly credentialed candidate standing up for critical issues in the upcoming Federal Election.  Wishing you well Olivia!

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This post has been written collaboratively by a group of mods and leaders of Resistance Australia.

Our country is incredibly large, and mostly uninhabited, as you’re probably well aware. Our population is small when compared with other land masses the size of Australia, and in turn this obviously means we have fewer Ingress agents here. With that said, our communities are strong, many of the agents that have combined to write this post have never met each other, but speak on a daily basis. Many of us have met and have built firm friendships, and this is also the case within the communities we moderate and lead.

We have come together to write this post because we face an enormous problem, one that is being experienced worldwide, but it’s one that affects us terribly because of the sheer size of our country and the wide open spaces - GPS spoofing. It is rampant and from an agent’s viewpoint it is seemingly unstoppable, and that is so incredibly disheartening. 

Three things are happening in Australia involving GPS spoofing that are ruining this game for the honest players - Guardian hunting, megafields being spoofed up, and by far the worst, megafields being spoofed down. Both factions have a lot of really good, hardworking agents in Australia, many of us are known around the nation for our work - as Resistance agents we were collectively outraged last year when the national Christmas field art that Enlightened achieved was ruined by a spoofer.

A lot of time and money goes into playing Ingress in Australia. We drive long distances, often on below average roads in inclement weather conditions. We crowd fund flights to places like King Island (an island between the mainland and Tasmania, highly strategic to Victorian agents). When those of us who work hard and pay the money have our work obliterated by someone sitting at their computer with an emulator or on their couch with software that fakes their location, it leaves a sense of helplessness and anger behind. What reason do we have to go to all that trouble?

It’s not fun anymore, and we are losing agents as a result. Those of us that keep going, we’re tired. We’ve had a reasonable amount of success in having some accounts that we have had irrefutable evidence of cheating banned from the game through an cross factional anti-spoofing hangout, but even then we can only ever be reactive. We can only act after the disaster happens.

We in Australia, and indeed agents all over the world, need Niantic to be proactive where we are unable. We cannot stop this sudden influx of illegitimate accounts, but Niantic can. We need you to implement a solution that prevents GPS spoofing in the first place. For those that are caught and banned there also needs to be subsequent measures in place to prevent them from just making another account and doing it all over again… Or at least something to make it harder for them to do so.

We love this game, and we hope that you treat our request with the respect it deserves.

#RealAgentsRealActions #SeeSomethingSaySomething
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