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How can we remove spam comments now?

In the new UI, when you remove a comment (on desktop), it comes back after a page reload. Thus, spam comments stay forever.

Is there a workaround for this nasty bug? I have of course reported it already, but it's pretty urgent.

How can I activate the Events in my community?

It seems to be gone for no reason. I also see no way to access past events.

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When you install WordPress: What dashboard widget is the least useful?

This is repeating a question from +Dion Hulse on Twitter:
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WordPress News
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WordPress 4.7 is ready

New features

- Theme Twenty Seventeen
- "Workflows" in the customizer: publish multiple changes at once
- Custom CSS for small tweaks to your site's appearance
- Thumbnail previews for PDF files
- Dashboard in your language, independent of the front end language
- REST API Content Endpoints

All 702 closed tickets

Trouble-shooting list

Please do not offer or ask for ripped code.

This should be obvious, but apparently it isn't. Hence this note.

If you do that once, we will remove the post or comment. The second occasion will lead to a permanent ban.

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Das Pluginkollektiv sucht Unterstützung. Deine!

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WordCamp Europe, wer von euch ist dabei?

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WordPress 4.5 is out!

Thank you to all contributors!

Please let us know how your update went. Which new feature do you like most?

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Habt ihr noch ungenutzte Blogs herumliegen?

Ich habe dieses gerade auf einem meiner selten genutzten Server gefunden. Jetzt will ich mal alle alten Installationen entweder wegwerfen oder in einer Multisite-Installation bei Uberspace zusammenziehen, damit ich nur noch ein Updateziel dafür im Auge behalten muss.

Was macht ihr mit alten Blogs?

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Every single community's members page right now looks like this. 

The poor state of the members page has been pointed out many times already. Now the spammers are exploiting the shortcomings.

You have to remove every account separately. There is still no sock puppet detection.

What's worse: Deleted accounts are not removed from the communities. In a 5k community I just found ~200 dead accounts. You cannot clean it up in steps, because there is no pagination, so you cannot come back later to page 10 or something like that.

I am fully aware that moderation has the lowest priority on Google+. But this is ridiculous. All of this could be solved with a few very simple changes:

- Sort members by the date they have joined the community.
- Remove all memberships of deleted accounts automatically.
- Enable pagination on that page.
- Limit memberships for an account to 10 per day and 50 total.

This isn't rocket science. I have written such code multiple times. Every programmer can do that before breakfast. An intern might need a whole day. Google, do you have interns? Please?
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