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Thomas Scholz

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Alcohol abuse!
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Thomas Scholz

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Aktuall gehaltene Liste von Plugins und Themes mit Problemen in WordPress 3.9.

Wenn etwas nach dem Upgrade nicht geht, seht bitte dort nach.
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Thomas Scholz

Hint, Tips & Tricks  - 
When you are searching for a new web #hosting provider, ask them what PHP and MySQL versions they offer. You want version 5.5 for both.
If they don’t say anything about that, or if they refuse to offer that – stay away.

You will get problems if you forget that, and your site will be much slower than it should be. 

Some web hosting providers promote themselves as optimized for WordPress, but all they do is some crazy caching which results in broken or difficult updates for plugins, themes and core.
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Some additional hints to MySQL 5.5  and wp 3.9 (using the mysqli extension)
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Thomas Scholz

Useful Tools  - 
Awesome project from +Darshan Sawardekar.

• Auto-Completion
• WP-CLI Integration  
• Jump to Definition in Core  
• Snippets
• Syntax Highlighting, including deprecated functions
• Search in Codex (needs WordPress Stack Exchange :))
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Hey, Thanks for spreading the word. :)

About WPSE, I've looked at it a little bit. Searching on it is quite easy. 

I'm thinking we could do better integration. I noticed that WPSE has excellent tagging. Mapping keywords/word under cursor to these tags might be a better way to go?

Somewhat similar to the :Wtopics ex command, which shows topics for keyword on So :Wexchange, would list best answers with that tag, etc. 

I've put this on the TODO. If you have further ideas how this should work, you can open an issue on GitHub. :)
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Thomas Scholz

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Long link list to answer almost every question about #regex syntax.
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Thomas Scholz

Programming Tips  - 
A short description of my local WordPress installation. I develop on the latest trunk and test backwards compatibility by switching to older branches.

How do you handle compatibility problems? How many older versions do you support? Do you make a difference between free and commercial plugins or themes?
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I hate SVN. :)
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Thomas Scholz

Hint, Tips & Tricks  - 
List of known compatibility issues with plugins and themes in WordPress 3.9.
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+Thomas Scholz  Works fine so far. Wish they would have responded to my request for auto-including an author byline option (especially with Google Authorship a big deal for some) instead of leaving it for a plugin to handle.
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Thomas Scholz

Hint, Tips & Tricks  - 
WordPress 3.9

- The editor was upgraded to TinyMCS 4 – very nice.
- There are now playlists for audio and video.
- You can live preview widgets.
- Plus, many bug fixes.

Upgrade now, let us know how it went. And if you have any problems: Ask here, and we will help.

Have fun!
Version 3.9 of WordPress, named "Smith" in honor of jazz organist Jimmy Smith, is available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard. This release features a number of refinements that we hope you'll love. A smoother media editing experience Improved visual editing The updated visual editor has improved speed, accessibility, and mobile support. You can paste into the visual editor from your word processor without wasting time to clean...
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Looking good!
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Thomas Scholz

About this community  - 
On infographics

We don’t have very detailed content rules, and I hope we don’t need them. But there is one type of content I want to have a new rule for: infographics¹.

Some present content in a new, interesting way, they reveal patterns visually which we might have missed until now. OK.

But many, too many in the last time, just put known facts into fancy fonts and colors (X versus WordPress, Top X plugins²). Let’s call them KF-graphics.

Why is that a problem?

1. They don’t add value. I know, this is rather subjective. But there should be something new besides the fonts and colors in an infographic. The Wikipedia page cites Edward Tufte’s rules; they are a good guideline.

2. They circumvent our rule about self-promotion. You will notice the URL or the name of some company on almost every KF-graphic. When there is no real clickable link in the same post, our link sharing guidelines don’t apply. Or do they? This isn’t clear enough.

3. They move the real content down in the stream. Your questions, security notes and cool tricks are more important than any infographic. We are a discussion group.

I would like to add the following rule to our About box:

Infographics are allowed if their content cannot be expressed in simple words. You must disclose your affiliation to all web sites or institutions mentioned on the image.

If you have any objections, use the comments below.


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+Antony Peel good day to you too!
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Thomas Scholz

Hint, Tips & Tricks  - 
WordPress 3.8.2 Security Release

Multiple important security fixes, plus some other bug fixes. Please upgrade now. The auto-update will work too, if you haven’t disabled it.

Full list of changes:
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More about me in German on my web site: Über mich.
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Wie man Links auf die aktuelle Seite mit PHP entfernt.

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Meistens unerträglich laut. Und es ist eines der teuersten Kinos in der Stadt.
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