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I prefer Bartle's old system.  SEAK Socializer, Explorer, Achiever, Killer.  I just put them in the order reflects me.
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Thomas Sanjurjo

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I. Cannot. Breathe.
What happens when you feed the text of every Magic card ever made to a deep neural network and ask it to design its own cards? Part genius, part gibberish—and maybe a little poetry. But mostly, it just makes you laugh your ass off.
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Exgo the Rickers works really well in my Goblin Panic deck. Totally changed the game for me.
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Thomas Sanjurjo

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Wow, this video is spot on. They bottled some serious mojo here.

h/t +William Newton for the share.
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Thomas Sanjurjo

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My son wanted me to make his Dwarf from DnD. This is Chayton the Falcon.

I desperately need a better rig. This took so long to render, and it's freakin tiny.
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And your son is right!
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We need to understand what is going on in a more complete way here. This is a policy driven problem, not an officer problem. The officers are 'just doing their job,' and they are either:

1. Not being taught how to avoid this kind of behavior (which should be basic human nature)
2. Being directly instructed to behave this way. (and told they will be protected)

I hope for the former, but policy makers would be idiots to ignore the prevailing sense of repression and violence that is being increasingly felt by the black community (and indeed everyone because of how public this stuff all is.)

I fear the latter, because the citizen police officers will be replaced with stormtroopers and jackboots.

Also, if you watch enough of this video, there is a consultation about what to charge her with, in other words, they kidnapped her and then called it arrest afterword.
The Waller County Department of Public Safety released dashcam footage Tuesday of the July 10 arrest of Sandra Bland, a 28-year-old Black woman who was found hanged in her jail cell three days after getting pulled in a traffic stop.
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+Thomas Sanjurjo​, your 4 points should be the intro to almost every one of these videos.

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Thomas Sanjurjo

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Wyrmwood Gaming is raising funds for Wyrmwood Magnetic Dice Tower System on Kickstarter! Wyrmwood, the craftsmen that brought you the Dice Vault, are pleased to present their portable Magnetic Dice Tower system.
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I'm so old school, we rolled by hand. 
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Thomas Sanjurjo

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Verdict is in, another $300 for this stupid van.

+Honda has lost any loyalty I had over the amount of things that have gone wrong with this car.

There is currently no single cause of stress in our marriage so great as the repairs on this vehicle. I'm done, but I can't reasonably afford another vehicle that isn't going to be in danger of the same problem. Either way, it won't be a Honda.

We need 8+ seats, and need a car with a decent repair record over 100k miles. We have to buy it used, and spend as little on it as possible, because there really isn't a way for us to finance it.

I hate the fact that cars cost as much as the houses we're looking at right now, because that means there isn't a decent secondary market for them. WTF, country, stop buying stuff on credit. You inevitably drive the cost of everything up.

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Bring a box of live weasels to stuff in their pants if they won't go down.
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Most Excellent.
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+Chris Bennett​ Minecraft doesnt have to look stock. You can download texture packs. 
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Originally posted on A Little More Sauce:The phrase “white privilege” is one that rubs a lot of white people the wrong way. It can trigger something in them that shuts down conversation or at least makes them very defensive. (Especially those who grew up…
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I guess I am the only one who feels the way I do.   I don't necessarily consider that a privilege though.  The more and more I engage in this conversation, the more convinced I am that I'm on to something.  I am more concerned by the inability for people to see my points, and the points shared back are disturbing too.  I will refrain from being the gadfly any longer. 
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Thomas Sanjurjo

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I had never heard of this show (my kids are largely not old enough for cartoon network yet) but it looks pretty impressive on the writing front.

This is a great article with some fantastic points about how kids can learn real lessons about adult issues without ever discussing the actual adult issues. This is a practice we've adopted with our kids (just because you can... doesn't mean you should, if someone says stop you stop, etc.) and it seems to be working out really well.

You don't have to talk about sex to talk about healthy relationships, because relationships are not about sex.

Good on Cartoon Network for having a show like this, and great on the producers and writers for tackling really big issues in a creative, and accessible way.
This article mentions sexual assault and rape. It also includes spoilers for Steven Universe.
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We watch stuff (and listen to music) on You Tube, so we get ads that way. But far fewer than with broadcast TV, and we're teaching the kids what ads are for (we flat-out tell them "They are trying to convince you to buy their product"). One of the most influential things I did in elementary school was a course segment on media literacy, complete with descriptions of the different types of marketing techniques. It has been invaluable, and I am doing what I can to pass that along to my kids.

As for the show, it's something I'd consider letting my kids watch when they get a little older. In addition to the funky art, it's annoying that, even though most of the cast is androgynous/feminine, the protagonist is yet again male - I wish we could move away from the assumption that if the protagonist is female, boys won't watch (or read) it. That's only true if our expectations make it true. I have no problem with the "gay" aspects of the show, though. Yes, I'm sure it promotes acceptance of non-traditional families (which I'm fine with anyway), but I really don't think that's the point here.

As the OP article points out, this show is talking about healthy and unhealthy relationships without sexualizing the context. If the show's writers had been careful to make each fusion a (superficially, since these characters are explicitly non-human and apparently non-gendered) male/female one, that would do more to sexualize the context. Not only are male-female pairings the vast majority in society, they are seriously oversexualized not only in the media but in our culture at large. Witness, for example, the conversations about whether men and women can ever really be "just friends". I find it really refreshing to see a show that apparently is refusing to buy into that sex-obsessed stereotype by just refusing to worry about it. Now if we could get some adult programs to take a similar approach, we might be on to something. 
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