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Yup, pretty much sums it up.
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+Roderick Vonhö ya, Padre. That was simply awesome.

+Lisa, ofs Quiet You!!
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Thomas Sanjurjo

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So, definitely osteoporosis. Early onset, even... 
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Thomas Sanjurjo

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Wow, what a concise, fact packed, video.
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IK posing is coming along well. Still only 1580 tris and he's deforming very nicely with all of my little trials.

This is by far the most complicated rig I've ever built myself. It's fun doing the IK stuff, I need to learn some more so if anyone has suggestions on, say, hand and arm rigs, I'd be open to them.

#blender3d #animation #3drigging  
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Oh of course!

My kids and I think that is so sad...Crayola was suppose to be the last bastion of technology-less release of imagination.
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Thomas Sanjurjo

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At 1580 tris, this little guy is looking pretty good on the deform. Need to shape up the armature a little, but I'm proud I built this one myself.
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It's the stubby little legs :^)
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Have him in circles
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Thomas Sanjurjo

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Every plus I have.
The cutest response yet to the Star Wars VII trailer. :-D
[Image source: Pocket Princesses' Facebook post:]
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I love these single panel comics
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... Still better than the movie.
It is a pretty catchy tune. I did a quick search and didn't find that this had been posted before.
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Thomas Sanjurjo

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It has been years since a book has kept me up late reading.

I had trouble putting this one down. I highly recommend it for the following:

World building, there is an incredibly rich history to his world that Rothfuss owns so completely as to be able to have not just a single history, but the plurality of tales and folklore that spawn from that history. It is solidly managed and ordered, and an integral part of the story, though not the driving factor (at least not directly.)

Frame Tale, the story is a beautifully crafted frame tale that seems like it might 'catch up' to itself eventually (it's a series and I've only read the first so far.)

Innovative Magic, not only is there more than one system of magic in this novel, but it each is treated as a sort of mystic study. For people interested in technocratic science, it's there, for people interested in mysticism, it's there, for those interested in science as magic, it's there. Again, this all plays into the world build.

Beautiful Story Telling, the arc of the plot is well paced, and though it gets a slow start, the book does what it needs to keep the reader intrigued to turn the pages.

Non-heroic Hero, I love the stories of heroes that are heroic without meaning to be. This is a very wonderfully crafted version of that tale that doesn't make the character out to be an anti-hero, or less than an epic hero, but it does tell his story, as raw and real as it really happened. There are points where the protagonist seems almost super-human, but then is dashed into a human very forcefully to remind you that heroics require sacrifice.

All in all, this is a great read. Looking forward to the next book.
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Just got it at the local bookstore! 
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Thomas Sanjurjo

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Suuuper simple (kinda cheaty) jumping animation.
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Rubbery chocolate jumpy man... ;-)
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Thomas Sanjurjo

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Just heard the news about Olivia Munn playing Psylocke in the upcoming X-Men movie, and I had a vision.

Can you see Sony, Disney, and Fox all sitting around a table with trading cards with all the Marvel characters on them. Disney says to Fox, "okay, we'll green light you Psylocke for Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver." Then Sony pipes up and says, "Look, we'll tip the hat to the MCU if you guys let Spidey get a mention in the canon."

This makes so much sense to me. They are just big kids trading cards.

For reference on where the characters actually reside:
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Woo! +Mike DiBaggio you win the internets for today with a MAGE reference.  You know the first time I saw the Matrix with my friends (Manns Chinese in Hollywood even) we honestly thought it would have made a much better movie if it were set in the MAGE universe (or a similar one).

Incidentally +Thomas Sanjurjo I think a few Thomists would like to chat with you about your demystification of essence via holographic illusion. You're tinkering with the boundary between the created and the uncreated, and I'm not sure you mean to.

At any rate, +Jeremy Hodges some people would say I think to hard in general. I think I'll have to think about that for awhile.
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Thomas Sanjurjo

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I desperately wish this sounded more like a joke.
NSA director Michael S Rogers says his agency wants "front doors" to all cryptography used in the USA, so that no one can have secrets it can't spy on -- but what he really means is that he wants t...
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+Jeff Stevens What we do know of the NSA is pretty much due to a few people who are now widely persecuted.  We know that oversight is meaningless and the dogs of the Legislature have no bite when it comes to crimes committed in any of the Executive Branch. Of course,  if you tell the truth, then all bets are off. 

The government, as a whole, proscribes an intensely irrational scope of behavior e.g. "The Law", and does so with increasing hubris. Are we only slaves once we become "law bound" to board trains for some sort of relocation camp?  

Purportedly we are all equally "citizens". There are no other people here.  If a citizen has the power to examine my communications, or to kill me, without "legal" repercussion, then am I not a slave?  What if these "more equal" citizens can prosecute anyone who spills their secrets, yet they can privately hold themselves trustworthy with your own secrets?  Are we still not slaves?  

They hold themselves competent to control commerce, to document the movement of money beyond a certain dollar figure, to access anything, anywhere, at any time, and you feel that this is a fair and balanced system?

The NSA is without doubt monitoring every transaction of every bank which the US can touch by any means. Yet, we have zero clues what they do with their own checkbook, and even the people who purportedly represent us are uninformed. What part of this is "silly"?
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Thomas Sanjurjo

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So I hear a Russian guy is going to be the first volunteer for a 'head transplant.'
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Also pray for the guy in case they do succeed. That's going to be hell to adjust to.
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