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Just so we're all clear, because the MSM just wants to phone it in on Catholicism, The Pope did not 'ok' abortion. Before this 'Year of Mercy' to be absolved of the sin of abortion, a special confession was needed (because abortion is an ex-communicable offense.)

What the Pope did was remove that requirement for this Year of Mercy, from December 2015 to November 2016.

I'd love to talk with you if you want to discuss:
* What it means to excommunicate someone.
* Why confession is an important part of the Catholic faith.
* Why abortion is a sin.
* What other things would be equivalent levels of sin (like, 'shockingly,' divorce and remarriage).
* How awesome this Pope is, even though he is the opposite of a progressive. (Or why that is so, if you didn't know it.)

I don't really care about your opinion related to this issue if you want to discuss:
* Why religion is stupid.
* Why Christians don't need confession.
* Why the Papacy is a form of idolatry.
* Any other blatantly anti-Catholic drivel.
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+Joanne Edison-Brown, excommunication is sadly tarnished by abuse and revisionist history. It is a medicinal measure by the Church to call a person who has obviously breached their relationship with God back to a place of communion. The word literally says what it does, the excommunicant is no longer in communion with the Church, and so they are denied the sacraments of the faith. It's not a denial of salvation, or of forgiveness from God, but it is meant to clearly indicate that they are not living up to their faith and responsibility to the community. There are very few immediately excommunicable offenses (adultery isn't actually one of them, I just used it for common example.)

+Zac Lowing, you aren't wrong, but there is so much more to our faith than just being forgiven. There was much more to Jesus life than dying on the Cross. Salvation is just the first step.

I like +Jeff Schultz's statement that there is more to our faith than simple belief. That's absolutely true, belief is the first step. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is about that continued conversion to the likeness of Christ. It calls Christians to be very introspective, vulnerable, and mindful. My sense, having run the gamut from atheist, through Protestantism, and rejoining the Catholic faith, I find the act of sacramental confession to be much more of a focused act than anything I experienced outside of the faith. I find it most focused when it is from a priest that I know personally.

This is one of the largest sources of disagreement between Protestants and Catholics. The point that is largely missed (even by many Catholics) is that the Sacrament of Reconciliation is about improving ourselves, not cleaning ourselves for salvation.
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Woah +Wikipedia, lay off the drink.
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Thomas Sanjurjo

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For some reason I can't add you (Theo) as a manager to the page I created for this so that we can have a YouTube presence

I'd avoid having a community on here for anything other than mods.
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Don't ask me how I got here, and I'm ashamed to admit my actual thoughts about this.
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It'll be like Sharknado, so bad, everyone has to see it.

A) I'm so curious as to how you got there
B) I'm also curious as to your thoughts
C) of all things that you post, THIS is what shows up in my stream organically 
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This is utterly awesome. Almost as good as the actual movie. Which reminds me, I can't wait to get it for myself.
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Thomas Sanjurjo

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Can I just be feminist about this one for a minute? What I'm reading here is how much women need to be saved from pregnancy. Life jackets, drowning, etc.

Women are not this frail. Bad analogy, poorly executed.
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+Ambrose Little Bingo, you nailed it. I'd be all over whoever penned this crap with TV cameras and a microphone in their face and then say, "So, can you tell us how having a baby is equivalent to death by drowning?"
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I've never considered myself much of a 2D artist, but I've been sharing some of +Sycra's videos with my kids for their art. When they started to complain that they couldn't do it, I sat down and had them watch me for ten minutes. This is where I ended up. I'm not happy with the right foot, but the image reads well enough. They agreed and decided it was doable. Now I just have to get them away from perfectionist ideas a little more and they'll be ready artists in no time.

I might try to make some time for drawing with them each day. This came out much better than I expected.
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* gently straightens your perspective *  :P 
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+Ashley Collins, please to comment.
I'd like to see this too. 
Director Guillermo del Toro is currently prepping to shoot Pacific Rim 2, but it seems like he's already thinking about what he would like to do with the third chapter of his epic giant monster vs. giant robot franchise. While talking with Movie Pilot, the director says that he wants to add Godzilla into the mix in Pacific Rim 3.  "So far with the sequel, what we’re writing, what we’re creating, is very different, so there ar...
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Hmmmm... Fighting against each other? In my mind they would be working together to fight against the Kaiju. I may be completely wrong, but making Godzilla out to be a bad guy doesn't vibe with his general character to me. Bringing him into the mix? YES , please!
Making him an enemy? Remember Godzilla with Matthew Broderick? Yeah, I thought so. 
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If everyone could please tag everything they share about Star Wars with #StarWars between now and Christmas, I'd be very thankful. That way I can just block the tag and not have stuff spoilt for me. I'm already really excited for it, I don't need any more teaser.
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Yes. Verily.
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Wow, I just installed a GLSL mod and some shaders for Minecraft...

It's like a different game.
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That's pretty amazing.  I'm imagining some of my Mystcraft Ages would look fantastic with those installed...
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And then there's this.

#cthircle attn: +Jeremy Hodges, +Lisa, ofs 
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::tilts head::
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