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An HDR processed photo from a photoshoot I did at the Kempinsky Hotel in Marbella, Spain, yesterday. I´ve worked the file to look as natural as possible and am quite pleased with the result. What do you think of the result?
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How many bracketed shots did you take of this? This looks really good though I would have expected a little more light in the further reaches of the photo just right of center. Maybe an "artifact" of making it look as realistic as possible? Wonderful processing though; I think you nailed your goal!
Thanks a lot +Rich Turner, you might be right about your suggestion regarding the "right of center" part of the image. The main light coming in from the left, it is only natural that this part of the image is a bit darker and processing it with "natural looks" in mind, that´s why:) It was made by 3 BKT shot, -2, 0, +2 with a Canon 5D MKII and processed in Photomatix + Lightroom.
Same equipment I'm using +Thomas Russ Arnestad. I haven't done much HDR stuff in the past but am looking to do more as time goes on and want to get better at it. I'm looking at moving into doing more real estate photography in the near future and want to keep all the tools in my arsenal finely honed! I have three flashes with Pocket Wizards for remote firing and I think in most cases that will do what I need. I should get out and do some more for practice! But I like to try and "deconstruct" how photos were created as that gives me more of an understanding or a confirmation of what I already think I know! LOL Thanks for posting this.
+Rich Turner, I think a good approach is what you already suggested, look at a lot of images and try to understand how they were captured, where the flashes are hidden etc. On the other hand, composition is a key element in this genre, you need the neat, tidy and clean composition to get your focus on what it is that you´re trying to show the viewer. With that in mind, and the basics of lighting you will have a good fundament to start up, but bare in mind that you will have elements you can´t control on your way... Examples; the talkative seller, the not-cleaned-house (you need to tidy it before shooting), time schedule and heaps of other elements that can influence on your focus along the way. I look at myself like a "cab driver" with a camera; always ready to find new paths around "traffic" and very good on the small talk with clients:) Anyways, good luck:)
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