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Thomas Rochford
Antiquarian, Bibliophile, Father, Horticulturalist, Iranophile, Spouse, Technologist ...
Antiquarian, Bibliophile, Father, Horticulturalist, Iranophile, Spouse, Technologist ...
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Is there a way to take a screenshot with the TS+?

I was a bit disappointed to find that the Nuance Dragon mobile Assistant isn't available in the UK. The reviews look good and I've just received Cortana on my Windows Phone so am keen to compare. Can anyone recommend a good (hopefully temporary) alternative to Dragon Mobile Assistant?

Another question.I've set a PIN on the device but it never prompts me for it! Does anyone else have this problem.

Hi, I've had my TS for a fortnight or so now and am mostly pleased with it. The biggest problem for me is the Cradle. The Micro USB socket isn't tight enough and the cradle doesn't seem to press the watch in hard enough when locked. This means that charging can be occasionally erratic and USB connectivity isn't working at all. I got it to work once by squeezing it with my fingers but even that has stopped working now. I tried sending files to the SD card via BT but it doesn't look as though that's supported  either. If anyone has a similar problem (especially if they have a workaround) I'ld love to hear. It mostly charges fine, it's just the data connectivity which isn't working.

Anyone know where Google Docs has gone. I'm getting a 404 error on
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