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I really don't like the new youtube layout.
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I'm ambivalent about it, because most of the time I use YouTube the only thing I'm interested in is whether the search function finds a track someone wants to listen to. I don't actually use them as a music player for my own music, but it's handy when friends are over and want to listen to stuff I don't have in my collection like rap or hip-hop.

I must admit I've been pleasantly surprised at what J. has shown me of the local youth music scene. I may not be into their style of music, but there's no denying they're very talented.

Regina has long been home to good local acts, though few have "broken out" of Western Canada to the degree that Colin James or Streetheart did.
There are a couple of you tube bloggers that I occasionally watch and are subscribed to. So the home page is usually where I pick up the new films. I'm not so hot about having all of the posts from google+ showing up. I already saw them on Google+, don't shove my face in it on you tube.
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