Why Content Marketing Is the New SEO

OK, I hate "__ is the new SEO" titles. Got that off my chest ;-)

That being said, this post on +Curatti is by +Phil Buckley so I'm paying attention anyway. Phil says:

Almost no one likes when the satellite tv person approaches them inside of Best Buy, or the kitchen remodeling person in Home Depot every Saturday. Americans in general have most of what they need, we are now in the process of acquiring “stuff”. We don’t need to be sold “stuff”, we are looking for very particular stuff now. We are checking reviews, prices, asking our friends and doing 30 day trials before we buy.

You can no longer pressure us into purchasing your stuff, we only want our stuff. Even offering us 25% off doesn’t move the needle, Groupon has ruined normal discounting.

But, you can show us how cool and awesome your stuff is, share it with us, get our friends talking about it and then we won’t care what price your stuff is, we’ll have to have it.
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