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Really excited for the upcoming @tez0s #ICO this Saturday!

Read more: (pdf) (at the bottom of the page)


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Excellent movie that deserves all the #success that it gets.


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#sickHillary is unique among presidential race losers in that she's the only one to not have a higher public perception rating after.

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Just sent over $BTC to @bitcoinsuisseag for the upcoming @tez0s #ICO!


Dear "journalists". I am not paying for you to deliver ads to me. I will NEVER stop using an #adblocker. If you have one of those stupid pop-ups that says "Waaah! Support us! We need to keep delivering you amazing 'journalism'! Waaah!" I will go somewhere else.

I don't read @forbes anymore and now I won't read @businessinsider anymore either. If you can't figure out a way to make money, that is not my problem. Your content is not that unique and I'm not subsidising your antiquated business model because you haven't thought of anything new.

(Hint: product referral links seem a much better way to go in my opinion.)

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Dear @youtube (& other) content creators. STAY STILL when speaking into the camera. Moving back & forth, or swivelling on your chair, is seriously off-putting. Your audience may also be watching at 1.25x, 1.5x, or even 2x, & it's almost akin to seasickness to watch when someone is constantly moving.

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At least in the US, the ideas of the Democrats aren't resonating with voters. This is despite them seriously outspending their Republican opponents.


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