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You might want to move your Euros to a different currency ahead of the Italian & Austrian votes today... #fx

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Looks like they took everything great from the first one & doubled-down.


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It's good to see that at least some in the Green Party aren't shills for #sickHillary.

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Total amount paid in Wall Street bonuses 2015: $28.4 billion.
Total amount paid to all minimum wage earners 2015: $14 billion.


Can anyone imagine Ralph Nader acting as a tool for #sickHillary like @drjillstein? Will people take the Greens seriously after this?

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Absolutely shocking to learn of this after Jill Stein raised more for the recount in 24 hours than she did for her entire presidential run!

Shocking I tell you! Shocking!


Do leftists actually think naming publications with the opposite viewpoint as Russian propaganda isn't something almost everyone would automatically see for the terrible attempt that it is?


Happy #Thanksgiving!

I appreciate that a lot of things on the web are ad-supported. However, do you think that if I've gone through the trouble to install and configure an ad-blocker that I'm likely to then undo that effort - and on a site-by-site basis at that?


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