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Absolutely inspirational. My wife has MS. In the space of 1/2hr, she lost the ability to walk and independence. That was 6 years ago and today, biology, medication, a good doctor, luck, and a lot of determination is seeing her regain abilities we never thought she would have again ( This video resonates on so many levels.
so wonderful Thomas ... he is a great inspiration to not giving up :-)
Jen Li
Wow! I almost cried there. Thats great, thanks for sharing. :)
We have a national treasure in Iowa City -- Dr. Terry Wahls, who has MS herself, and has been able to get out of her wheel chair in part by changing her diet. I don't know what the scientific literature is on MS and diet, but if you have MS -- or if, like most Americans, you;re being held back by what you eat and your sedentary life-style, Dr. Wahls has something to help you.

She's also the mother of the remarkable Zach Wahls, whose testimony about growing up with two Moms went viral on the internet.
Wow, what an amazing and heartwarming story, anything is possible if you don't give up
I took 18 months and lost 115lbs. I did it by myself with and the only thing that kept me going was the phrase; Never, ever, ever, ever, ever give up. Anything is possible. Thank you for sharing a really inspiring video. I hope this gentlemen never gives up ... ever.

I am amazed every day at the changes you can make to your own world, just by changing what you tell yourself every day.
This is really really amazing. Don't listen to doctors when they tell you you'll never be able to do something....
This vid should have been on top of what's hot on Google+, maybe if some "stars" on Google+ could share this too.
+Georgi Kaua It was on the "What's Hot" stream at one point, that's how I found this video. Just not a lot of comments for some reason.
+Justin Howell Yes but it's just that i don't understand why it didn't got "tons" of comments here, on Youtube hell the vid it's a success
simply because people are too lazy to type a couple of words ;) they rather +1 it.
also this is just shared by someone and not uploaded by this person.
very inspirational!!
If everyone on this earth have an attitude like this great man, our world will be full of things that we said "it's impossible" :D

Just awesome, u can do anything just believe in u!
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