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Thomas Pink
Frontend & Social Media Developer at Netural
Frontend & Social Media Developer at Netural

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#Scrolling  #Sites   - why you doing that?
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Seems IE is on the right way ...
I've just installed Windows 8.1 and tested the #internetexplorer  11 Developer Console and I am really surprised.

Apparently Microsoft did a very (very!) good job with this. The #ie11  F12 looks modern, is feature rich like the #chrome  dev console, can simulate GPS and some orientation settings, has performance profilers, network monitors, pretty print and other stuff u liked from the other browsers. It is definitely a good tool for developing web applications.  

I will stick with Chrome for Browsing, but it is good to know, that the IE team is doing something about their bad reputation. It's about time. 

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Frontpage how it should be. I have to say: I am impressed!
Macaw looks like a very promising Pixelmator-era code-savvy web design tool. It already won the Startup Jackpot in DC in  April [1] and it seems the team (comprising +Tom Giannattasio and +Adam Christ) is making solid progress, given the teaser video [2] they released today!


/via +Veerle Pieters  #design   #tools   #webdesign   #responsivewebdesign   #html5   #macosx  

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Although IE share overall is falling, this year has seen a huge increase in the uptake of IE10 - mostly at the expense of IE9.

Stats from a sports site with an international audience and ~288k visits per month. Figures shown are an average for the month. Overall share fell from 22.6% in January to 14.8% in June.
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+AngularJS and cookies ... not usable.
With $cookie/$cookieStore you can't set cookie path or expire time.
If a cookie was set on server via ajax, they are not readable. You have to use document.cookie or any other solution/framework.

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Ooooh, ahhhh. Beautiful geometric patterns of audio frequencies created through vibrating sand.

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Stunning beautiful design!
We proudly present the unveiling of our first collaboration with Pininfarina, one of the most traditional names in design: the BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé. In other words: Consummate elegance.
The BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé
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Design to get Design out of the way!
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