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Thomas Petazzoni
Chief Technical Officer and Embedded Linux Engineer at Free Electrons
Chief Technical Officer and Embedded Linux Engineer at Free Electrons

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A nice new service we've been developing recently at Free Electrons, now publicly available! Ready-to-use and free cross-compilation toolchains, for many CPU architectures, C libraries and configurations.
After announcing recently, we are now happy to announce another service to the embedded Linux community:

This website provides a large number of free and ready-to-use cross compilation toolchains, for a wide range of CPU architectures, C libraries and configurations. It currently provides 138 toolchains, and we will extend this to additional platforms/configurations depending on the feedback we receive.

See our blog post at for more details. Feedback and suggestions are welcome, the project issue tracker is at

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Our developer/sysadmin Mikael Bouillot did a really great job to deliver our new Linux kernel code indexing tool, Elixir! It looks really nice and is very fast. Great improvements compared to the LXR tool we had been using until now.
It's been online since a few weeks, so it was time to announce it officially: +Free Electrons is proud to publish Elixir, its new Linux kernel code indexing tool, providing numerous improvements over the older LXR tool we had been using so far.

Read our blog post at to learn more about this tool, and head to to discover it!

We welcome feedback, such as issues and suggestions, on the project bug tracker at

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+Free Electrons engineer +Boris BREZILLON has submitted a Linux kernel driver for the GPIO controller IP from Cadence. See

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Video of my talk at #lca2017 is already online at Very good job from the #lca2017! Even the Linux Foundation needs several months to put videos online, here at LCA the videos are published the day after the talk was giving.

Congrats to #lca2017 folks!

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Due to an upcoming trip to Australia/New Zealand, I am going to spend an insane amount of time in an airplane or in airport waiting for an airplane.

In preparation for this, I am looking for suggestions of ebooks to read, especially in the area of low-level/hardware development (FPGA for beginners, architecture of processors, etc.), kernel related things, or ebooks related to team management. For example, "Is parallel programming hard, and if so, what can I do about it?" looks like a good thing to read during this time.

Suggestions welcome :-) Thanks!

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I'll be speaking at the next LCA in Hobart, Tasmania (Australia) in January 2017. Looking forward to attending this event!
+Free Electrons CTO +Thomas Petazzoni will be giving a talk "A tour of the ARM architecture and its Linux support" at the upcoming conference in Australia, in January.

Read our blog post at for more details, and do not hesitate to contact us if you plan to attend the conference!

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I think what are my first two gcc patches have been committed today:;a=commitdiff;h=6c8f362e1f17cce05131eb8ff53963d64bc69484 and;a=commitdiff;h=966d046c08ba50fc988ac614f84f2d49c1546e28. They fix an obscure issue on an obscure architecture (Blackfin). But still, it's in gcc! :)

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I'll be attending the Capitole du Libre conférence in Toulouse on Saturday!

Interested in embedded Linux and Linux kernel trainings, in French? My colleagues +Maxime Ripard and +Boris BREZILLON, who both have a vast experience in Linux kernel and embedded Linux development, will teach a course on embedded Linux development and another on Linux kernel driver development in March 2017, in France, Toulouse.

See and for more details about these training sessions. Registration is open.
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