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A new Lytro camera is coming. I'm still impressed by the tech and still don't see why I would want to buy one ;)
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Then again, would it be useful at high ISO? This looks more like a tool for people who carefully craft their images, don't you think?
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Thomas Paris

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Chilling out by the Seine.
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Thanks +Ducelly Nathalie, +Aditi Bakshi!
And yeah, the banks of river Seine are very popular with couples on a warm evening and I guess you can see why ;) Lots of groups of friends drinking wine and eating charcuterie too. That night was still a little bit too cool for most but this place, and so many others, will soon be packed more or less every evening.
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But not exclusively ;)
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N'est-ce pas, +Eric Messeca ? Ceci dit, j'avais quand même apporté aussi un « gros » appareil photo ;) On verra si j'ai réussi à faire de bonnes images avec...
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Thomas Paris

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Fascinating response. Thanks for letting us hear both sides of this discussion.
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Oh, so that's why they call them fly boats!

(The tourist boats that go along river Seine are known as "bateau mouche", where "une mouche" is a fly)

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+Alex Lapidus
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+Alien Abduction Friday
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well, yeah.. But it's just as bad in SF...
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Thomas Paris

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Will you be joining us this Saturday?

Remember, you don't need to be an experienced photographer or even to own an expensive camera to come. These are laid back events, meant primarily as a chance to meet nice people. So, we'd love to meet you!
On nous annonce de la pluie, mais comme vous le savez déjà, c'est pas ça qui nous arrêtera. Notre prochaine sortie aura donc lieu le samedi 26 avril, à proximité des voies ferrées de la Gare de l'Est. Nous partirons de la place de la Chapelle, à côté de la rue Pajol à 14h30. Notez bien le nouvel horaire ! Les cafés étant nombreux dans ce quartier, on n'aura aucun mal à trouver un endroit où se poser quand on en aura assez d'affronter les éléments. À samedi !

They're forecasting rain but, as you already know, that won't stop us. So, our next photowalk will take place on Saturday, 26 April, near the tracks of Gare de l'Est. We'll leave from place de la Chapelle, at 2:30pm. Note that the time has changed! And there are so many cafés in the neighbourhood we'll have no trouble finding a place where to rest our feet when we've had enough fighting the weather. See you on Saturday!
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Thomas Paris

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I've just received my first 2014 新茶 (Japanese first flush green tea) \o/
I think a tasting session is in order.

#TeaClub  +Tea Club ( Tea Coffee Chocolate Food Club )
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Help fund the making of an open source animated feature film.

Thanks +Didier Misson for bringing this to my attention.
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Thomas Paris

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We didn't get to see yesterday's lunar eclipse but tonight's rising moon was a beautiful shade of red. Already paler by the time I was making this exposure but this is possibly my favourite composition from tonight's session. And I've finally found the place I was looking for: far enough from Eiffel Tower to make the moon appear bigger next to it. I'm so glad I finally decided to go out tonight!
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Thanks +Natalie Dorohova. And thank you for all the plusses.
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