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Potato plants growing at Cellectis, a genetic-engineering company. Dan Voytas is a plant geneticist at the University of Minnesota. But two days a week he stops studying the fundamentals of DNA engineering and heads to a nearby company called Cellectis Plant Sciences, where he applies them.
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Thomas Ortiz

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The Forest Service is set to open more than 80,000 acres for clean, renewable geothermal power in Washington state. But environmentalists are worried about damage to streams and old-growth forests.
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Thomas Ortiz

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Patients got fewer narcotic painkillers and overdoses declined after two problem drugs were removed from the market in 2010, a large study of insurance claims reported Monday.
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Thomas Ortiz

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Video | Utility vs. Homeowners Over Solar Power In Hawaii, where 12 percent of the homes have solar panels, handling the surplus power is putting pressure on the state's biggest utility, which is fighting to reduce what it pays for the energy.
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"To be clear, none of the exploits listed on the site have been confirmed to actually work (And WIRED hasn’t found a legal way to test them). Any of the listings could instead be attempts to scam gullible buyers." Interesting to see the use of escrow and multisig. 
A darknet marketplace called TheRealDeal Market has emerged, focusing on brokering hackers’ zero-day attack methods.
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Thomas Ortiz

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You can now download your Google search history. Spotted by the unofficial Google Operating System blog and noted by Venture Beat, it's as simple as heading to your Account History, ...
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Thomas Ortiz

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Nearly two years before superbug outbreaks hit UCLA and Cedars-Sinai medical centers, the maker of the scopes involved was already warning hospitals in Europe about the risk of such patient infections.
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Thomas Ortiz

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MANSON, Iowa — The flat, endless acres of black dirt here in northern Iowa will soon be filled with corn and soybean seeds. But as farmers tuned up their tractors and waited for the perfect moment to plant, another topic weighed on their minds: a lawsuit filed in federal court by the state's ...
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Learning to be a scientist
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September 7
Well, I guess trusting Google with one more piece of my identity couldn't hurt.
So...I'm a fan of this whole "science and technology" thing the kids are into these days...

Google already delivers a sweet cornucopia of content to me via Reader, so why not take the extra leap and actively network with the content-creators?

I've given up the pretense of anonymity (as implied by being on Google+), so if you happen to care enough enough about things I say in public or otherwise to get rip-snorting disgruntled, please-
-remember, bigger fish to fry than one individual. 
I guess what I'm saying is, don't be that guy. I'm not worth your effort.

Hopefully, this effort all amounts to creating interesting conversations between previous strangers...which I suppose might be one of the points of Google+.

Anyways. This is it, folks.

aspiring scientist/educator, 
blog reader>>writer,
open source fan of collaboration,
future genome writer,

Bragging rights
I've managed to increase global entropy consistently, with no sick days.
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'Chain reaction' spreads gene through insects

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BALANCING on an inflatable ring in a river is not easy. Balancing a cooler full of beer at the same time is only for experts—many of whom ca

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China has a rainforest with very cool caterpillars.

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