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Thomas Novosel
I am a layout guy, I also do art and write crazy weird dream stuff.
I am a layout guy, I also do art and write crazy weird dream stuff.

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Open for Commissions and Freelance Work

Hey, I...

+ Make cool art (Portfolio:

+ Make games (Website:

+ Sell original art and zines (Store:

+ Have a Patreon where I release patron exclusive art peaks and game supplements, and games (Patreon:

For Freelance Work: layout for print and digital publications,

For Art Commissions: black and white monsters, characters, and landscapes/cityscapes, etc etc

If you are interested in having me work on a project with you, or want to hire me to illustrate some stuff, send an email to:

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Buncha free artbooks at the guggenheim.

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So I'm playing with some brush packs I splurged and got.

I got a variety of kyle websters photoshop brushes. And I can't recommend them enough.

But I wanted to share this city I made with you guys that I ampretty proud of.

Brushes are found here if your curious:

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City I made this morning using some of the best photoshop brushes ever.

(Kyle Webster makes amazing brushes)

Hmmmm... Random post...

I have tried getting into listening the various guantlet podcasts, as in unsuccessfully multiple times trying. And its probly only me who has an issue with this specfic thing.

I feel like i can hear the spit on their tongues and lips flicking off. Like, that wet mouth sound. Im also someone who literally will flee the scene of anyone who eats loudly.

And when I say this, it is a movement in my gut where I squint my eyes and hold back the vomit. I hate hate hateeeeee with a burning violent passion the sound of mouths and spit.

So, it probably is just me being oversensitive to this particupar audible trait. But I have tried so hard to get into it and listen, but I always stop because it is too much.

But I'm curious if anyone else hears this or if its just me? I told one of my friends why I can't listen to it, and suddenly they weren't able to for the same reason. Maybe its one of those once seen it can't be unseen things?

Anyways, happy weekend yo. Imma head back to my cave.

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Looking for Players:

Dungeon World. Around 8 weeks long game. Regular time is fridays @ 9pm eastern.

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Not satisfied, but I haven't drawn a dungeon in soooo long.

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My preorder books arrived :)

Super cool.

Hey guys, I'm taking a break from google plus.

Specifically, if you want to reach me about art or games. Shoot me an email.

I'll still be doing commissions and game related projects and making stuff. Just going to step back for some air from the constant stream here.

I'll still be monitoring the community i made of course, but in general ill be cutting back from being active here except in the places where I take my participation seriously (certain communities where project participients work with one another to get stuff together etc).

As a side note, taking any type of step back is the opposite of what I wanted to do or anything. If you ping me I'll still get a notif and respond when appropriate (ie, when people do that +Thomas Novosel​ type thing).

Hopefully you understand,
- Thomas Novosel

P.S. I'll keep you updated on things as it goes along.
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