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Thomas Novosel
I am a layout guy, I also do art and write crazy weird dream stuff.
I am a layout guy, I also do art and write crazy weird dream stuff.

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Open for Commissions and Freelance Work

Hey, I...

+ Make cool art (Portfolio:

+ Make games (Website:

+ Sell original art and zines (Store:

+ Have a Patreon where I release patron exclusive art peaks and game supplements, and games (Patreon:

For Freelance Work: layout for print and digital publications,

For Art Commissions: black and white monsters, characters, and landscapes/cityscapes, etc etc

If you are interested in having me work on a project with you, or want to hire me to illustrate some stuff, send an email to:

I haven't seen the xfiles event yet, so don't spoil it for me. But now I have to get off my butt because they are doing another 10 episodes! :)

(Btw, im a hugeeeee xfiles fan)

So anyways, what time period is it? Theres so many cool things that keep coming up and back and I have to wonder what year it actually is (based on what is primarily being revived).

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Just sharing this again for the early AM crowd. Also originals are available for your wall over at my store (

2ndly, I am updating a bunch of social media stuff.

Imma goof on twitter:

I have fb page:

I have a fb thing if you wanna friend me:

And most importantly probly, I have a instagram which I really love lookong at peoples art on:

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Drawing live on instagram, so follow me and watch me doodle if you want in on the instahams

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Guess who got surprise bills? ^This guy.

Anyways, I'm doing a bunch of discounted stuff (see picture for details).

Also, I have a bunch of originals for sale at my webstore (which, I discounted alot of them so they range from $35-50 for pretty art you could frame and tape to a wall).

Email for commissions: me(at)

In a sidenote, it is 12:30 and I no longer have a long crazy outdoor wizarding beard.

Its weird, because I no longer look like im 30

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Ahhh random pdf over on Patreon.

(18 pages of random sketchbook stuff, it proves that I bounce between art stuff often)

Did anyone get paranoia (new version), im curious about it, but im not $30 for just a pdf curious.

I'm wondering if its a good one shot game, or if it was designed with campaigns in mind.

So are rules easy to pick up, characters quick to make, does the book have lots of adventure ideas, etc etc.

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Eeeek awesome

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Hey I have some originals for sale over at my online store!

Including some Uldridge City stuff, an illustration I did for an issue of Wormskin by +Gavin Norman​​ and +Greg Gorgonmilk​​. Also a map I did for the DCC adventure by +Thorin Thompson​​.

So, if your really into my art and want something cool to frame or something. Check out what I have up!

Why am I selling some originals? Bills. Also because I want to set aside some money in the "I want a nice printer so I can do art prints at home and then sell art prints in bundles for cheap" fund.


#fantasyart #tabletoproleplayinggames #darkfantasyart #penillustrations #illustrations #artforsale #fantasyartforsale 
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