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28 hours L8r (speedrun, lvl1 to 8)
This weekend, Munich Enlightened Agent veneficia (+Deborah Tolkien) completed a speedrun from level 1 to 8 in about 28 hours! Before playing for the Enlightened, she was one of the most motivated players of the Resistance and had already reached level 8. Meeting many agents in the field, she realised that most of her new friends were playing for the Enlightened. After a while veneficia applied for a faction change. During the discussion about how long she would need to get back to L8, the idea of a speedrun came up. Plans were made, many Enlightened agents farmed items, and after her scanner turned green, several agents accompanied her to help in achieving this record. 
The faction change was accepted on April the 17th and because of the Shaper-Data event that took place last weekend, she decided to “survive” 10 days without actively playing Ingress, so that the speedrun would start from zero AP.
Starting on April 26th at 10:32am, she regained level 8 clearance on April 27th 2:36pm, only 28 hours and 4 minutes later. The entire event took place in the Munich city center, and a car was only used for 4 hours at night while no public transportation was available. No time was wasted - she only paused to pick up new items, and for coffee.
With an average of 42,755AP per hour, we suspect this is a world record!
She walked about 50km (by GPS tracker), used almost 2000 resonators, created over 600 links and more than 300 fields, and of course our “Bombenmädchen” (Bombergirl) used a lot of XMPs as soon as she reached security clearance level 5.
The speedrun ended as planned at her favorite portal “Steinmänni” where she built her very first green L8 portal and the first L8 Portal ever tagged with her name.

Companions in order of appearance: macrojames (myself), oixc (+Jan Hofmann ), junibert (+Jun Nozaki), Nussmischung (+Lukas Falke ), ThePir8 (+Boris Pirstinger), Meier (+Meier Meier) rokossovski (+Ivan Monahov). 
A detailed field report with more pictures and videos will be published in the next days.
#ingress   #ingressreport   #enlightened   #speedrun   #record   #munich   +Brandon Badger +Brian Rose  +Joe Philley +Anne Beuttenmüller 
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That is truly fantastic achievement.
If only that lady would be honest.
She pretended to move to Hamburg at the time she applied for the faction change to get into Hamburg Resistance Community and she asked several times for access to our detailed player list.

Faction and Location move was a lie. -8

Not my style. I would be leery of her even outside games. booh
She applied for a faction change and at the same time still tried to get access to internal information with lies (for whatever reason). She never moved. That's not honest. It's a way to get what you want. Sure. not mine.
+Stefan Le Breton Knowing her, I can only assume you are confusing her with someone else. Her application for the FC was published the same day she applied. And she remained to be one of the most dedicated and active resistance player until her account was reset. 
+Stefan Le Breton She actually is from Hamburg and wanted to play there as active as she plays in Munich. I guess that's why she asked for your player list.

The faction change was way later and she got kicked from all other resistance communities in no time. Hamburg resistance just missed their part to kick her and we missed our part to check if there were any resistance communities left because we were busy planning and excited for the speedrun.
This "game" (which seems Luke so much more than that) looks so overwhelming I don't think I could figure it out. Anyone willing to just give me an idea of what its about and what you have to do?
+Rob Largent In a nutshell, the Niantic Project was an investigation into Exotic Matter or XM, and the concealment of an unidentified presence, referred to as Shapers. There are 2 factions. The Resistance work to defend humanity from the Shaper ingression. The Enlightened work to evolve humanity by working with Shaper technology. Request an activation code from or And you can learn more through the Ingress Report and Niantic Investigation episodes at
+Nathan Yoder check the links. inform yourself. the world around you is not what it seems to be. read. then you will glimpse the truth and you will be enlightened... 
wo od
GOiNg wELL dUde

Dear fellow Resistance fighters. 
The path travelled by the resistance is not easy but it is righteous! Remain strong! As a level 6 verging upon level 7. Munich may be a nice summer destination to come to the aide of our resitance fellows in Munich! Let's make +Deborah Tolkien and all the enlightened eat more than their shirts. (I assume that's what she's doing in the picure) Also from memory the beer and ambience is rather nice in Munich, particularly in summer :-) I say let's turn Munich BLUE!
This is listed as 'what's hot and recommended'.....Three questions:
Why is it 'hot'? Why is it 'recommended'? And, what on earth is 'it'?
Just checked Munich @ Ingres intel... it's a very sickly green - almost yellow...
wo od
Go 2 heaven..........i jZt saY tJaT cUz i tZ maH sTyL3 d3aR..
I don't even know what the heck you're talking about. 
Wow deja vu, swear I've rread this before. 
So what is this... she hss a phone in her mouth. An app called ingress? 
+Kevin D. Vegas don't let them fool you. Invite codes are available for free at (might take 3 weeks or 4) or from players near you. Some people sell them on ebay though. 
i had no idea..see i uh kinda just started google+
im actually not sure...
lol  im just going with it
My culo ... 600 links that means link every 3 min, not to mention doing the other stuff, how do you shuffle thru portal keys ...
i just figured out how to open the full chat...
i think im becoming blonde...
thanks..i guess
i still have no idea whats going on here
+David Lord The issue is: My mind is free, and if no XM was around, there wouldn't be innovation and creativity. You are fighting for stagnation and, as there will always be some loss of knowledge somewhere, for the destruction of our civilization. No new ideas plus loss of knowledge => degeneration.
We need to embrace XM (and shaper technology) to continue our evolution. ;-) 
thats like amazing that  virtual reality thing
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with such disrespect..
all tho no one knows me here..soooo im not trippin
ok your crazy haha she looks wierd
amazing! thanks for sharing
very crazzyyy.....!!!!
I most to go, Iam not wait you for...!
Wow, really good field report +Thomas Nitsche ... You missed 1 very important part of Ingress: battery life
+Deborah Tolkien did you carry a car battery around with you? Support agents for resup? Rotating batteries onto a charger somewhere?
+Scott McKenzie we resupplied the team with numerous battery packs at various points of the day. In total we had about 10 battery packs in rotation.
+Scott McKenzie There will be a detailed report within the next days.
We used several rotating external battery packs and of course we had several agents to drop items during the run for her.
Resup!... Support crew is so important for epic missions like this. Good job, the whole team!
Sad to lose venefica, but looking forward to kicking your ass, veneficia. ^^ Mama Smurf is coming for you. ;-)
i wana to make you friend......
idd my bad, at the end she wrote 'And that’s how you hit 8 in one day'  which confused me apparently.
Wow awesome speedrun. Congratulations. (Wrong faction though ;))
Ti Ga
I've been L7 for about a month (got it the day before I moved to a new apartment) ... Now I really feel like a slacker...
It's a thrill just reading about this journey.  Keep playing. Keep moving.  

Fellow E-Agent, #Daphnesq  Louisville, KY  USA.
That's why I like Germany .... German attitude :)
Congrats from France ! Resistance was futile after all :p
wo od
Go 2 hell

you are so beautiful.............................
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