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Thomas Mullooly
I take the lampshade off the guy (or gal) with their investments and financial planning questions.
I take the lampshade off the guy (or gal) with their investments and financial planning questions.

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Just posted!  Mullooly Asset Show, Episode 2: ETF's, Stocks, Your Cash Reserve & No "Free Lunch" on Wall Street

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Don't Let the Status Quo Bias Stop You From Saving More

Our lifestyle has a knack for expanding to consume the money available to it. Don't allow the status quo bias to hinder your savings efforts.

#saving #investing #investorbehavior #behavioralbias  

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Thank You for Thirteen Years!

+Mullooly Asset Management is nearing the thirteenth anniversary of our founding as a fee-only investment advisory firm. I want to say thank you to all of our clients!

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The Strength of Bullish Support Lines Video

On the weekly +Mullooly Asset Management video, I explain how bullish support lines tend to act like brick walls. These integral parts of point and figure charts allow us to identify a security's trend.

#pointandfigure #PnF #technicalanalysis  

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The Strength of Bearish Resistance Lines

How strong can a bearish resistance line be on a point and figure chart? Pretty strong. Don't believe me? I've got a text book example to show you on this video.

#pointandfigure #PnF #technicalanalysis #investing  

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The Bullish Catapult: A Real Life Example

In this video, I share a recently completed bullish catapult. Learn more about this positive point and figure charting pattern. 

#pointandfigure   #PnF   #technicalanalysis   #investing  

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Triple Top Buy Signals and Triple Bottom Sell Signals

In point and figure charting, triple top buy signals and triple bottom sell signals are slightly stronger than their double top and double bottom brethren. Learn all about them on the weekly +Mullooly Asset Management video!

#PnF #technicalanalysis #investing  

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Fee-Based Advisors: Working for You or Their Firm?

Fee-based...fee-only...same thing, right? I've heard this far too many times. On this week's +Mullooly Asset Management podcast +Brendan Mullooly and I clear up the differences of these two business models.

#feeonlyinvestmentadvisor #feebased #feeonly #investing  

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What is a Point and Figure Buy Signal?

A buy signal is one of the most basic chart patterns in point and figure. I walk through an example on this week's +Mullooly Asset Management video.

#pointandfigure #PnF #investing  
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