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Happy New Year! I've made a promise to myself to read more this year.

The first real snow this Winter today and all I keep thinking about is biking ! 

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Makes you wonder what could be possible!

Looks like I'm doing a Mud Factor run in August at Petersburg , Michigan. Time to get the legs moving. 

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Knoxville is a beautiful place, just another reason to visit it! 

Wondering the easiest way to run Linux on my Chromebook? Is running Linux going to allow me to accomplish more? 

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Level 3 no work for me! Rarely does it happen but I won't complain today. My coworkers will be watching the Super Bowl. 

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My grand dog is asleep snoring with his eyes open! A little spooky!


Received a chromebook as a Christmas present. After a month of use I have to say I totally enjoy it.  The few issues I had at first had easy work-arounds.  

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How it looked for me this morning! Toledo got about 4 inches of snow overnight. 
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