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New features announced for Google+ >>

Update: now it's 24! iOS app also updated.

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Haha, Google has certainly got in a habit of one-upping people lately. Oh, your maps app is failing? BAM! Oh, you finally made your social app go native? BAM!
Aditya M
somebody is having nightmares xD
…and his ex-sister is responsible for all of them
Lolzzz. Whatz that device he's holding??
Fuckerschnickled is my favorite new word. I may steal that from you.
The new iphone5..... lol...... what a joke?
its the same as the iPhone 4 just bigger screen and thinner and over priced
All of Google's failures with stuff like Buzz and laying out Maps when people said it was stupid: all paying off now!!!  #whosyourdaddynowpunks
Ha ha too funny. Hopefully it will make them sit up and watch what others are doing. All this competition is only good for us users!!
Not to mention the nice feature 25 with a reply button for comments that automatically adds a +mention to your comment ;)
nice. just sneakily updated by forcing it via the web app.
Buzz was pretty poor .... But they are def making up for that now ...
OK, Facebook is going to have to work overtime to copy these features as quickly as possible.
Wonder if a full set of APIs are in the works finally?
Amr A
Lol :D
+Matt Cassem, I'm not entirely sure we would want that just yet. During the Buzz days, there were far too many people who simply posted everything from Facebook, or Twitter, or other services directly into Buzz which led to a lot of content but no interaction.

I'm not sure we want that just yet. It could easily kill a lot of the momentum G+ has right now.
+Elias Mårtenson  Yeah, I don't disagree, but that's also part of what keeps people away from it.  (Which, arguably, could be a good thing!) 

I'm not necessarily saying we need a swath of apps that allow us to post everything to Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ at once, but there might be a happy medium.
TBH It's 4 if you are a regular windows / gnu desktop user.
Ohh, another feature that we desperately need (ok, not a feature so much as a fix) is for that damn auto-scrolling when you're looking at your circles and attempting to respond/reply to a post.  There's not much more frustrating than having to scroll down every few seconds to figure out where your cursor is.
Hehehehe poor faceboot .they are wors at making phone app
The only feature I want is a better notification area in mobile Google+
Facebook must be rolling in its grave. What's that? "Not dead" well.. It might as well be.
K Lei
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What Google Plus needs isn't 18 more features, it needs a few million more users. 
He's Mark Zuckerberg, owner and founder of Facebook 
I don't like the new look on iOS, the older one was a lot better
Kha Do
That's funny. They beat facebook
More features will not convince people to move to Google plus from Facebook. These posts are the equivalent of a small mom/pop grocery store talking crap to Walmart because their small shop offers free massages and lattes. 
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ 
+Brandon Rosenbaum actually in the map situation it was googled that got one upped. Apple only kicked them off the iPhone because they wouldn't include turn by turn... (Well there were more stipulations than apple was willing to compromise on) but in the end... Users for turn by turn and an amazing apps. Users won!
Πόσο μαλακες είστε εκεί στη google?
Και πόσο μαλακισμενα είστε όλοι όσοι έχετε android?
It's so counter intuitive. Everything changed is bad (in the UI at least)... The backend changes are welcomed. 
G+ always HAVE something interesting that WHAT I post on Facebook are mostly from G+
every time there is a Facebook updates it's always SUCKS!!!! But every time google+ updates it's ROCKS!!!!
Lol...nice 1...
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