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How much time do YOU spend on Google+ every day?

We've all seen the reports, so here's a chance to have your say.

The form will only take a minute of your time (you'lll still have a couple of minutes left for using G+)

I'd appreciate any reshares as this will enable us to get as large a sample as possible. Thanks!

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Voted! Ping us back when you publish the results.
Has anybody seen the Comscore report itself? Obvious, a lot depends on their methodology. I understand they do not include mobile. And what is usage? I keep it humming all day long, sometimes a few pages at the time. Does that count? Does that count double?
Mobile usage is ignored This sums it up for me:
“The ComScore data does come with caveats. Rather than coming directly from the sites themselves, it is estimated via a user sample who have a toolbar installed on their desktop or laptop PCs - and so does not record visits to sites made by people using tablets such as the iPad, or from mobile phones. Facebook and Twitter have significant use via mobile phones. It is unclear how much use Google+ gets from mobile phones; it is now built into Android phones, which have dominant market share worldwide, and is available on Apple's iOS, the second best-selling smartphone OS.” (from )
And I have none of those on my Linux machines.
Yoko T
3 minutes per month? Are they on drugs?
Not enough to make every one friends so we all are in same circle!
The only thing the Comscore numbers can be used for, is to show that the average G+ user doesn't install browser toolbars.
I would spend more time if I had more friends on here. I love G+
you know, those who only spend a few minutes a day will never see this post, so its kind of irrelevant :D
also if the iPhone G+ app would work I would be on it always..
3 minutes... Nothing happens on here :S
but +Thomas Morffew this form won't help, the stats from yesterday are talking about an average amount of time people use the service. There will always be people who use it loads more than others but there will also be those users who never use it and those that use it for just a few mins a day. This form will not be seen by those that are not currently using G+ and so it won't be a fair test.
The question is a different one: How to you accurately measure usage time?

For example, on the G+ time:
- Mobile use - how is it metered?
- Use through the Google Bar - how is it metered and attributed, if it does happen on a non URL?

For example, for fair comparison:
- In Facebook, people writing personal messages are counted as using facebook. In the Googleverse, personal messages are attributed to GMail use.
- In Facebook, people watching a vid are counted as using facebook. In the Googleverse, vids can be watched on G+, but clicking on the vids titlebar will seamlessly transfer to Youtube. How is that time attributed?

For example, usefulness of the metric:
- In Google and Facebook, playing a game online is not really time spent interacting with Google or Facebook respectively with respect to the intent of the metric. Why is that time attributed as time spent at all?

How do you define a useful metric for site engagement that works better than the flawed 'minutes spent' metric?
+Alex Shaw I'm not worried about that. It's more a survey of those people who are active and either following me or those who see the reshare. (and those who bother to fill it out)
Botched survey = botched. The people who are responsible for the "3 minutes per month" statistic, are not likely to ever see this form, let alone fill it out. So the results will be as bad as WSJ's are.
+Daan Debie It's not intended that way. See my above comment "It's more a survey of those people who are active and either following me or those who see the reshare. (and those who bother to fill it out)"
Can you turn the argument around: Comscore is not used by Google+ users?
I fall in the "addicted-to-Google+" Group... hehehe :)
According to this survey, 31% is spending 5+ hours a day?! Seriously, wtf?
I spend 3 minutes every hour that makes up 3x16x30 = 3 mins a month. Simple maths.
This is my frist time in google and time is abrot 6min
I spend quite a lot of time on G+ via home or at work (open in a tab all day check every few hours). I would say almost 24hrs+ per week. Have done the odd Hangout that is when not listening to music via my PC.
Mr, my Greetings from Indonesia, I was out of work is there for me
Ment to say can you post the results please so that we can all know, info-graphic or any other means as to get an idea of how much time on Average. Thanks +Thomas Morffew :-)...
This is a weird one as I always have Google+ open in a tab but don't spend that much time on it. I just glance at it now and again for updates and then log in to some fo the odd games I pay on here for 5mins at a time, about 4 times a day. So my usage is both high and low....
99% of the web doesn't use ComScore. +1 this if you DON'T use Comscore toolbar.
Via mobile I check in every morning for overnight notifications. Via desktop I check in every day possible - vacations, out of office, etc excepted - throughout the day because I have a computer screen dedicated to Google+. If we're talking about this average of 3 minutes per month then I would say I account for 3000 users worth per month. So 2999 of you can take the month off, I've got you covered.
I'm new to this network and still getting the hang of the functionality. I appreciate your info, Thomas, and you seem like a forward thinking person. I'm glad to meet you.
It said 'on average'...
Too many people opened an account without really accessing it, I believe.

Yes people, it's hot how long you have it open (tabbed or otherwise) but how long you spend actively using it. I really doubt the 5+ hours for the roughly 30%. That means people aren't working or the users here all work for Google.
most of the day I spend plaing your games which are very ADDICTIVE
in one day? 20 - 30 mins maybe
+David Malmberg I agree that having Google+ open might not constitute usage by those who think that only posting and commenting does. I would say that line of thinking would apply equally to any of the other social networks as well. However, does not reading several posts and comments throughout a day also constitute usage. Even people who say they work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in an office don't actually do the work they are paid to do for 40 hours each week. Statistics are about how you sample the data you acquire.
Less than that, needed a weekly option too perhaps.
+Andy Proctor just try and average it out. So say you do an hour a week, that's just under ten minutes a day, right?
It doesn't make much sense that the lowest option the survey gives you is 3 minutes per DAY after citing reports that the average Google+ user spends only 3 minutes per MONTH. This survey automatically concludes that people spend at least "closest to" 90 minutes (3x30) per month on G+?!??
I reshare in french (in France, papers are using FUD to make g+ a dead project where nobody post and where nobody stay more than 3 min, cause they have contracts with the 2 "devils" ^^ twitter and fb and want twitter/fb to stay the biggest ones)
Well, I've spent 15 minutes on just one post and its comments plus a reshare of that post. That's 5 Comcast user's worth in one three thousandth of a month. Now for the rest of my day...
The short amount of time I spend on Google+ is what I see as its advantage. I have come over from FB where I spent lots of time getting nothing worth knowing. Here I might only spend 20 minutes, but the information I get is better than I would get after days spent on FB. So what they are seeing as a negative is really a positive.
Also, because it takes less time, I can come back often, which the survey may not have ignored.
I signed up for this a few weeks ago and today is the longest I have been on; a little under an hour...
added a <10 minutes a day option for those who wanted it.
most of the time.... but still in the process of understanding it...
comments I made on this share is making me come back again and again ..... should I be deleting my comments? :)
very less, as im unable to understand this. I feel Facebook is much easier to handle
minimun 5 hrs spend in google
Erm, it's hard to say. Interacting with the site, probably under an hour a day cumulative. On the site, up to 12 hours a day - it's a pinned tab! So I'll check by for a couple of minutes every hour or so, then occasionally spend longer reading far enough down my stream to pick up the "What's Hot" posts (such as this).
Approximately 6 hours, Every day
ComScore is bullshit anyway. How many people on G+ are likely to install dodgy toolbar software? Hell, does it even work on Chrome?
I am very new to this google+. what is all about i have understant
Are you only asking this on Google+? That will bias your results greatly... (depending one what you're trying to find out, of course...)
Roughly 10mins a day, it's awesome.
Pretty sure between 15 and 30... far less than Facebook. Busy, busy. G+ is best.
about 5 minutes per month find it very boring
How much time I spend on Google+? Way too much and not counting when I´m on the go and get notifications on my phone.
Idk about 20-30min rather b on Skype. Haha nothin 2 do on here 4 me anyway sadly
I have G+ open on my browser 24/7/365. I don't know how much exactly I spend time reading or writing though.
You need to add a "My computers are on 24/7, and G+ tab is permanently open!!" option

"Nothing happens on here!" <-- Sorry, but, you don't know how to use G+!!!!
Can you add a "too much" option please :-) is like my life saver...i need it every now n then really....ny issues google zindabaad....
And.... we've hit 1000 responses! Thanks a lot guys and keep the responses coming!
how much of that Facebook time is attributed to so many companies wanting us to log into their site using our Facebook account? That really annoys me and I avoid it whenever I can.
Granted this is lopsided poll, but many polls are dependent on Who see them and Who takes the time to answer them.
For those who say there is nothing on Google Plus it's because they haven't used the search to see who is posting on topics they care about, and then adding them to circles.
I've used the illustration before of going to a big hip party full of people and saying "no one was there" because they never said hello to anyone.
About an hour or two per day.
At least a hr. Via smartphone as well.
3-5 mins everyday according to my time tracker application.
google's my search engine..........i just don't have the time for interacts....but i have Spiceworks running from 10am-7pm on G+ .......hope this helps....
I spend an Assload and a fuckton of time on Google+ .......

I hate Facebook though!
Well not enough because i just discover Google + :)
It's well designed and I'd use it more if more people were on it... or to be honest, if my fb people were on it...! After my initial enthusiasm, my usage has gone right down.
At least 2 hours, took the poll and am sharing...
irish d
at least an hour each day. im not gonna tell you the maximum =P
Sue T
really trying to spend less than two hours a day. Mostly reading links, commenting and discussing
discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
A lot more than 3 minutes per DAY. :)
30 mins
studiying google plus
I am 4 hours daily at least. To those that say they would spend more time if they had more friends I would say go make some friends. This is a very open place to meet new interesting people. It looks like +Thomas Morffew that only 10% are less than 10 minutes a day. I guess that so called report is about 90% wrong ;-)
it really depends. Anywhere between 2 mn to a full hour total. It depends of the posted content I'd say.
Rubbish, you don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows.
I am actually spending in between 5 minutes to an hour a day on Google+ lately, depending what I am doing. It's definitely more than 3 minutes per month :p
Would you count time spent +1ing elsewhere? I would. Would you count time spent using investigating annotated Serps with Circled users? Yes. Time spent checking the black bar with red notifications. Again yes.
hmmm.. I don't know maybe less than an hour.
Idk well not all day..
I actually hav a life lol
voted, resharing - I am obviously addicted - not sure if I should laugh or cry ;-)
Very limited survey. I keep G+ open all day, but do not spend every waking moment readin, posting, or commenting.

I keep another social network micro blogging type of site open all day, but don't spend every waking moment replying, posting, or forwarding posts either. ;0)

How do I answer the survey with that in mind?
everytime i take the internet...........
Not nearly as much as I spend on facebook. I like G+ better though so I'd love to see it get some more attention.
Three minutes that is not possible. My time is lost in this G+ thingy magiggy. Who the hell thought of this anyway?
Personaly I spend more than 1 hour/day on G+
Thomas are you really reading all these comments. You are going to be spending alot of time on G+. Well have fun. By the way I spend at least three hrs a day and I still can't keep up. I have to get an air card that way I'll have something for my commute.
I, spend time on Google,while I , am doing something else,Also ,I enjoy it .so why not!
Might I add that the result of this survey will be SERIOUSLY biased towards higher numbers.... I guess someone already gave this comment.
at least
same as everyone else
the whole day
I, like Google, very serious,and Interesting,I learned a lot. The lucky thing is I am not addict, try me, if you don't believe me .and I ,have enough will power to stop.
De Vuk
Couple of hours every day I am a proud G+ user i have an addiction and deleted my facebutt
about 1.75 hours in the moment
+Steven Wright This survey fails at doing anything usefull since it is a self fulfilling prophecy. If your prophecy is "I bet people reading posts on G+ significantly more than 3 minutes a day are more likely to add to a suyrvey that they use G+ significantly more than 3 minutes a day" it will be fulfilled says the almighty.
Hours a day. I almost never turn it off, I check it usually multiple times an hour, post usually dozens of things a day, respond to dozens of others, and Hangout regularly.
Crikey. Let me just say that doing a professional survey is not going to be easy - I used to do this sort of thing before. You're not going to be solely doing it on Google+, you'll want to have it distributed elsewhere, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and so on to eliminate the selection bias.

Anyway, this is an interesting start. Already we can see some interesting things emerging from the self-reported results! I'm viewing results at 1,786 responses and this sample is looking decidedly bimodal at 1 hour per day and >5 hours per day.
This is surely going to be the most inaccurate survey ever, given you're asking people how much they use google+ on google+. The answer is almost no one uses it ever, people just check it to see whether it's taken off, find surprise, surprise it hasn't and go back to whatever it is they were doing before.

Of the 40 or so people I know with a google+ account I'd say 3 minutes per month is totally accurate.
A fast 5 hours and more.. There are too many fun and brilliant on Google+, just can't get enough:))
More time than I do on Facebook.. Which is what the Poll is really about isn't it? But less of that time is spent reading my "Friends" posts instead reading all the "Pages" and "Followers". Google Reader on the other hand, I spend over 3-4 hours a day.
voted - about an hour, it's probably more and growing but I don't want to admit it.
I'm on when my computer is on. Anywhere between 5 and 8 hours per day.
Survey answered. I found this is very interesting before, but even more now in light of the WSJ piece yesterday. I've never experienced the ghost town feeling, on G+, but I know many people who do. It seems the experience is very closely related to a moderate to high level of interaction with others on a regular basis (and maybe the more time spent on G+), but that is speculation on my part. Thanks for taking the time to work some numbers.
How about 3 to 6 hours daily depending on what's availabe
Of course I imagine the people seeing and responding to this will be fairly self-selecting, but boy am I an addict. Nice to see the rest of my addicts representing :)
2-3 hours. Would have spent 7-8 hrs if it weren't for work ;)
anson s
Im a school kiddie, cant go on here for long!
Yoko T
I find it remarkable how many people that never spend more than a couple of minutes on G+ because nothing happens here have found this post and taken the time to comment... it's at least a minute more today! ;-)
So far, my whole lunch break, and the day isn't over yet. :)
Ummm. Selection bias? How likely is it that a person spends a few minutes a month on G+ will see this poll? That being said, I think G+ is great.
Answered and reshared. Forget the media reports. Plus is here to stay and its fun to follow people who post interesting stuff here.
I spend up to 2 hours per day.
anything from 10 minutes to 10 hrs depending on the mood
+Thomas Morffew Your poll has just passed 3300 replies! :)
10 minutes   326 = 10%
30 minutes   483 = 15%
1 hour          545 = 17%
2 hours        484 = 15%
3 hours        311 =   9%
4 hours        187 =   6%
5+ hours      645 = 20%
< 10 minutes a day. 320 = 10%
when I first found out about G+ I used to spend about 8 hrs a day on it, but as most of my friends use FB I followed them and now only come on for approx 10 minutes a day
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