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Can You Pass The Color Test?

- FACT: 1 out of 255 women and 1 out of 12 men have some form of color vision deficiency.

Take the test here >>>>>

My score 123 (v.bad) (0 is perfect)

via +Joe Lancaster

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I tried the first strip then realised I probably haven't the time right now to do them all! Very tough :) Will try again later
Maybe it was a fluke. but I got 0 for the first strip... I will do the whole thing again later
hey, I may be blind as a bat, but I seem to be good with colors - I got an 8 - though I almost didn't take it due to laziness :)
good test: after looking whitespace hours and then take it :D
4 Pretty pleased with that. Its only reddish orangey stuff I can't do and who needs that? :)
You all make me feel bad about myself. 39 :)
Is this anything credible, unless you have your monitor calibrated?
Yeah just want to mention, that the monitor should be calibrated as well, mine isn't. But try it out makes fun and is good training :) :D
I got 8, which is pretty good, especially on this rubbish laptop. All I can see now is Hue Colours, wherever I move my eyes...
Last time i did the test, i got 0, but wow, it was pretty painful to do. I don't want to do it anymore ^^
I got a 39. Pretty much the median for my age group.
8 - using my Chromebook in a room with extremely shifting light
Everyone who got somewhere <1 is good. Everyone else is not good. :D

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I got a 12 ... better than I thought I'd do but not as good as I was hoping. Ah well...
Neat test, got a 12, I just wish my monitor was a bit better so I can distinguish the middle hues.
Got a 24, and I'm pretty sure the problem's my eyes not my monitor... And now I'm seeing bars everywhere!
I quite enjoyed that, I got 8 in the end... I found a few of those blues were tricky!
Great challenge, I did a pre-coffee 8 on a MBA. Turquoise and bronze was a bit hard.
16 for me, the subtle shading is where it gets pretty difficult. I Paint for a living to so I see different shades of colors all the time.
Cool test.
Scored 0. I will share my results in a new post.
hard on the eyes late at night, my score was 87.
Thing is...the monitor you do this test on counts a lot.
14... I seem to have problems in the transition zones.
I scored 259, but I already knew I was color deficient in reds and greens thanks to color "blind" test. Funny thing, I believe my score would be different EVERY time depending on lighting, time of day, etc.. so, is it a true accurate test? Maybe?
7, which for my age range is apparently canny good - also helps to have a good PC of course with brilliant display...and not in the sunshine !!
20 for me. Not bad, but I probably skewed the results by rushing toward the end.
wooo 3! Must mean I'm 98% female....
14. The stuff I missed was spread fairly randomly across the whole colour spectrum. By the end of it my eyes were watering from staring REALLY HARD at the screen though!
70 ^_^ I apparently have trouble with purples, blues, and greens, and I'm pretty good compared to most kids my age.
4 - can't believe it was so good. makes me want to try again.
I've gotten a 0 before :)
0!! perfect score!! wow i didnt think id do that good!
But I think this test is a bit inaccurate because different monitors show colours a bit differently. I have a Dell Ultrasharp IPS monitor and had to go through a few setting to find the best one for the colours
8 and "Highest score for your gender and age range: 1520" (out of 99?) hmmm...
Very cool. Got a 30. Had trouble on the 2nd bar.
Yeah after doing that my eyes have gone all screwy. My score was 15 with which i think i can tell the difference the least in the blue/green.
Hmmm... Is this why it is men who rock the world of fashion? :)
0 - perfect colour acuity.

Although, I had done a colour blind test many years ago and been told I had minor red/green colour blindness. I also did this x-rite test, or a very similar one, a couple of years ago and that wasn't perfect. Odd.
Your score: 0
Gender: Male
Age range: 20-29
Best score for your gender and age range: 0
Highest score for your gender and age range: 1520
When I tried first time I scored 36, and tried after 5 min and scored 8.
I got a 4 for the age of 40. Pretty good
16. :(
It was pretty hard for me in the first and third line.
I got13... not bad considering i'm very tired and been staring at the computer all night...
I got 23.. I did rush it a bit though!!
Scored a 6. I wonder how one's score would be impacted by the quality of the monitor (or screen) he/she use.
Your mileage varies by your monitor on this one. Test looks completely different on my hannstar vs my s-ips.
Chrome dev tools to inspect each block... result = 0. I win.
Steve B
just got a 0.... interesting...
Got 26 in Chrome on Macbook Air. I suspect that if I use Safari and / or use the external monitor I can get closer to zero. Will try that later.
I got 4. I guess it's because my name has Rainbow in it :D
I got an 8. I agree that a poorly calibrated monitor could easily make that impossible..
16. 2nd and 3rd Line got me
Well, I got 1004 so what does that mean?
I scored a 3 :) and did the test at work in a hurry yay :)
GAH I got a 4. So close. Still feels good man. (and i'm a graphic designer, so this at least says "Hey, you know shades!" and that works for me :)
My score is 12, but took too much time u know :D

is there no time limit ? nice thing though
yeach....i got:
Based on your information, below is how your score compares to those of others with similar demographic information. Your score: 0Gender: MaleAge range: 20-29Best score for your gender and age range: 0Highest score for your gender and age range: 1520

0 ( Perfect Color Acuity )
99 ( Low Color Acuity )
My bad - only scored 81 - if only Zero was the worst, then I'd be fairly good. Oh well - age is a factor, right?
0! Very pleased with that. Was expecting a low number but not perfect.
3, with all 3 being around the bluish sea-green
27 D:
This means I'm moderately colorblind?
Looks like blue/green and that far right colors are my weakest.
the trick i guess.. is to not lose patience by the end of 2nd row
24 for the age of 51. Since my vision is no where near perfect, I suppose I shouldn't be too disappointed.
i gave up when the pink started turning orange and vice versa
i got 16, pleased with that, but im bad on the boundaries between colours
26. As someone who works in the AV field, I find this interesting.
Im colour-blind...i got 320, the whole of the blue section looked exactly the same :(
very 46 I got an 11...I wonder if age and eye color has anything to do with perception
got 9 with a 4 year old Samsung SyncMaster 223bw monitor on factory settings
Not bragging but 14 (40 yr old male)
i scored a 6. guess i see color good. not bad for a 45 year old man
11, yay. I think your monitor matters, too. If you're using a laptop with 6-bit LCDs (still very common), you can't really help it.
... Used my other screen and got a score of 4...
All around that green-sea color.
I scored 4 (male, 22y), but I do not know if that's a good or bad result in comparison to my age group. It would be great to see some more detailed statistics.
20 - Woo hoo; I'm better than people who scored above 20! But I'm somewhat chastened by the fact that people scored lower. Also, I thought it was a timed test. And I did it on my original Kindle in B&W. Yay, I was worried on my lousy monitor. Apparently it's not so bad after all.

Your score: 0
Gender: Male
Age range: 30-39
Best score for your gender and age range: 0
Highest score for your gender and age range: 1520
My eyes were bleeding before I got halfway through the second line - I'm afraid my score is too bad to be measured...
4 some type of bell curve or normal distribution would be helpful in knowing what your score means
26 at age 52 with poor eyesight... but I also know that my monitor calibration isn't brilliant.
Your score: 10
Gender: Male
Age range: 30-39
Best score for your gender and age range: 0
Highest score for your gender and age range: 1520
143 ): Im really bad at these kind of things
15 with a blue-green error most common-FUN! THX
my eyes go buggy after a while trying to do this
I got 0 :D Really didn't think I would though :P
Interesting....a 4 for me, all scrunched up in the middle of the blue-green transition. Surprisingly good for someone with a Golden Eagle Pass....or whatever it's called now.
I'll have Siri do this for me later. 
12, and I feel sleepy after doing the test.
that's why women are better designers :P
I got 4, not bad...
i got a 4..... but I had just woke up hadn't had my coffee
3 for a 40-49 yr old male - non-calibrated LCD monitor.
0! Take THAT everyone who argued that I was colourblind while I argued THEY were colourblind! Look who's right!
i got 793............, bad na.........
Oh no, I've done this before and it will drive you insane trying to get it completely right
This is Google+, there is no reason to shorten your url. If you give the real link I might click on it.
got ZEROOOOOOO! Boy, I sweated this one!
Great test :))
I have a zero score though :)
J Liu
well, or maybe it's just your screen having color displaying deficiency...
'0' 25 yr old female... Well at least I have perfect something!
i think i can be happy with my result:

Your score: 12
Gender: Male
Age range: 30-39
Colour perception is a tricky subject. It seems to be learned rather than an in-build function inherent in the eye. It seems that the brain decides what the colour of something is rather than the object having a specific colour. Here's something that appeared in 2005,, which looked at colour receptors in the eye. Recently there was a very interesting Horizon programme on the BBC - BBC Horizon: Do you see what I see? "The Himba tribe". By the way I scored 20 which was above average for my age; for what it's worth.
wow, i got 75, not too good :/
yes perfect vision... almost. got a .5 dont know how but i did
Emma M.
I was perfect at it lol
Scored 52. 26 years old.... and I've been drinking!!!
My score was 3. I didnt' find it difficult at all. Just 3 misplaced in the center of the lowest.
wow great me
damn after all that i lost my connection
ok it back
Lol I just click end test right away
Mine 20 didnt think that was too bad!!
Your score: 20 - Not bad I guess. Didn't put a lot of effort into it either.
some of you might get points due to a strange monitor's colourquality.
I scored 11. for my age not too bad.
Your score: 7
Gender: Male
Age range: 30-39

i am much happy
Your score: 4
Gender: Male
Age range: 30-39
Yea Perfect score .. not bad for a guy in hes 30's
That is migraine inducing. But, I got a 7. Woot!

+Tim Schumann who is a master at guess the color...
I scored 4. WAY better than I ever thought I would do!
28... Saved it so that my wife, who tells me I'm colour blind, can see the proof that it's only style I'm blind to, not colour!
4 Pretty happy with that!
feel stupid i got a 72 :(
217. I know I'm red/green colour blind so this is kinda like torture! ;-)
Great activity after staring at #whitespace all day
scored a thirty-two. not too shabby
Definitley enjoyed that....proved yet again red tones are NOT my friends!
that took longer than i thought it would... i got a 4 :) not too bad, considering i have bad eye sight lol (not sure if that makes a difference)
12, on a flat screen monitor... I must try again!
8 - I'm pretty happy with that considering i didn't have a final look over. Does anybody else feel that the "compared to others in your age group" thing was virtually useless? all i was told by it was that some people got 0 and someone else got 15000...
5. I think this may be modified slightly depending on your monitor's calibration.
I thought I did pretty well but scored a 192!
28. not bad for a preteen
Got perfect score of 0! And I thought I was color blind!
I got a 12. Sweet! This proves my husband is never allowed to pick out wall paint color. He scored 224.
140....:) very impressive......nt bad
People seriously waste their time doing this?
+Allison Sekuler (have you tried this? I scored 17, so I guess I've discovered I do have some visual acuity problems, but more significantly, I also discovered I have ADHD, because I started to rush to finish after the first row!
I'm colour blind blind and did not do too bad. That was a while ago though.
I scored 4. A curious exercise.
Holy shit! I got a 0! Haha!
Art Student FTW!
it was wonderful ! my score was 16 ! haha !
eL Bee
24 here. not THAT bad i dont' think right??
84 it is close compared to the highest shore of like1500 something. I would say I am comfortable with the results.
12, laptop screen :-) Calibration? What's that?
0. Good thing since I'm a designer :)
0 on first try - either I have a good monitor, or I'm lucky?
I scored 27. Got a bit tired in the end lol. Good fun
Wow, that was hard. I think I gave up too soon. My eyes started to cross, but I got a Score of 20!
Hmm. Just saw this. Scored an 11. :) woot!
took test twice approx 10 min each time first left to right score 15 second right to left score 0 also at night both times with dim low watt light over left shoulder but curious about lighting factors relationship not sure of direction factor
8 at first try, 23:40. 
Not hard at all ;-) 204 - but then I am notoriously red/green color blind
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